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mykola @mykola

Sidekiq bumped, everyone. I've got to figure out how to boost the RAM it has available so this stops happening, which I'll do when I update us to a new version.

Which, hmm. I'm behind, but I know the project forked and I'm not sure which upgrade path to take? Who can link me to a meaningful read on this subject? Was there ever a resolution?

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@mykola re: forking, the bottom line is that the new fork will always be upgradeable from the latest mastodon release. we've not gotten to actually releasing anything though so you're best off just updating to the latest of the usual mastodon.

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@mykola thanks so much!

I love the multi-hashtag columns of the official mastodon version. (2.7.*) I'd love if weirder earth would have that!

if you mean forktogether, they were on a few months hiatus and recently announced they will pick the forking project up again, but there's no fork from them yet.