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That warbling voice he uses in the flaming lips vocal solos is my jam.

“Will the fight for our sanity be the fight of our lives?” Etc.

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@oneoddfrog omg I love 'weirder earthlings' even more than 'weirdos' and maybe we should have that be our collective noun...

@techiebubsy welcome, I hope you find a home here! :)

@ansate I found myself relating deeply to the spiders, and this in spite of deep arachnophobia. that book blew my mind so much because it rewired my brain such that 'spider = good, human = bad' and that's just impressive.

@nein09 today is fatigue and headache but no more seizures so win!

Everything back clean, I'm back home. They said best guess it was a concussion with ancillary weirdness, but that I am still going to have to see a neurologist. yay!

Whacked my head something fierce this evening, a few hours later had a brief seizure.

I do not get seizures, so this development is alarming.

Now in the ER waiting for cat scan results.

Having an afternoon of just straight-up bawling to Soft Bulletin. I'd not given it a serious listen since my Troubles started, and now that I do I realize that it's so much richer than I even thought. It's about your world breaking but not having the courtesy to take you with it, and now you just have to fucking exist every damn day.

@Eden @dzuk honestly I would love to have a backup admin here on W.E., I get really backed up or into bad mental places sometimes and don't have the spoons to do upkeep. Happy for the help if you're willing!

@Eden @dzuk I struggle a bit with some of the devops stuff for this - I am more of a programmer than someone used to supporting production systems - so it's been hard to figure out good solutions. This stuff is good advice, thanks!

@Eden @dzuk ahhh interesting. what can I do to help prevent that from happening?


I've been reading his ten-part weird high fantasy epic the past few months and it's also fun, if you're into that!

My adorable 3yo brother-in-law is currently really into two things: toilet humor and the Les Miserables soundtrack.

This results in scenarios like:

Me: Hey Jib, sing your favorite song!
Jib: "🎵There is a 🎵castle in a 💩 poopykaka hahahaha"

@eldang cool, I ultimately fixed this with a `sudo service docker restart` just now and it's chugging along nicely, cool - thanks!

Hi if you can see this please reply to it! (if there are already a lot of replies you don't have to but if you want to say hi it's a good excuse!)