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Hi friends! I've not been around too much lately, sorry about that - but I wanted to share a twitter thread I wrote about autism that's going a little bit viral. This is all the stuff I wish I had known when I was a kid - learning it saved me, and if it helps any of you I'll be so happy.

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This is still pretty buggy, but happy with my v0 of my new Cellular Automata tool.

It tracks state transitions to measure information flowing through the system. Is there a calculus of CAs? Maybe! Let's find out!

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@twistylittlepassages @dzuk @vector @eldang awesome, how do you wanna move forward? wanna just tell me the subdomain you want and where I should point it?

@twistylittlepassages @dzuk We've discussed it, but the project is a little too young and unstable for me to be willing to run it yet. If someone from our community wants to give it a try I'm happy to point a subdomain at it! @eldang was also talking about this at some point I think!

@orrery I may just set up a cron job to reboot the system once a week. If you’d like to poke around in the internals though I’d be happy to provision access for you!

we all back and good and working again?

@distel I caaaaaan't. you're right.