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@twistylittlepassages @dzuk @vector @eldang awesome, how do you wanna move forward? wanna just tell me the subdomain you want and where I should point it?

@twistylittlepassages @dzuk We've discussed it, but the project is a little too young and unstable for me to be willing to run it yet. If someone from our community wants to give it a try I'm happy to point a subdomain at it! @eldang was also talking about this at some point I think!

@orrery I may just set up a cron job to reboot the system once a week. If you’d like to poke around in the internals though I’d be happy to provision access for you!

we all back and good and working again?

@distel I caaaaaan't. you're right.

end of all life Show more

end of all life Show more

One really important occult/philosophical/functional insight I've received from the author of this piece and others like it is this: It's not "as above so below", it's "as below so above".

The universe is an act of creation, and that creation is not ordered towards some known teleology - rather, it's spontaneous, and meaning is only ascribed afterwards.

@atlas I know this feeling, and it sucks. you can and will find your people, but it can be really hard to know how to do that when the world seems to work according to rules that make no sense. 😕

Object permanence is a myth. What we mistakenly think of as object permanence is actually a (sometimes useful) illusion generated by a mind-virus that evolved symbiotically with human cognition - in other words, a story.

Recognizing the narrative DNA of such things doesn't necessarily mean it's useful or even desirable to deconstruct them, though.

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As always, if you want to invite your friends, you can do so in the settings!

Sidekiq bumped, everyone. I've got to figure out how to boost the RAM it has available so this stops happening, which I'll do when I update us to a new version.

Which, hmm. I'm behind, but I know the project forked and I'm not sure which upgrade path to take? Who can link me to a meaningful read on this subject? Was there ever a resolution?

@CheetahCat I really like the weirder earth local timeline for that reason. I don’t have to follow people there’s already people and they’re great!

@oneoddfrog change it! You have the power!

@icarus lots of folks been struggling with insomnia lately. weird energy afoot!

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@mcmoots oh, it's fine, she is who she is and at this point it's not even worth getting upset.

It makes me really want to cause bad things to happen to the people who promote this shit for money, though.

@mcmoots ugh. UGH.

I asked my mom to read neurotribes to better understand autism and she did and it has a whole section completely debunking the antivax things.

Two weeks later she’s back to sending me antivax clickbait so.

I wrote a thing about privilege. If this resonates, I'd appreciate a share!