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Federation test!

Is there anybody out there, please?

(It's so quiet in here, and I'm beginning to freeze...)

Note to self next time this happens: `sudo docker-compose kill` and then `sudo docker-compose up -d` is enough. No need to dig through various internals trying to debug, just nuke it form orbit.

Hey we should be back and federating again! 👋

Bouncing server in a few, y'all, pardon any interruptions should be brief.

He and I were both hiding from the crowd in the kitchen but he never so much as made eye contact with me.

Sitting five feet from a sitting US senator at a holiday party and people keep nervously coming up and thanking him for his service and I’m just like, hmm.

(I do not usually move in such circles, it’s a confluence of unusual circumstances.)

Argh sorry to vaguetoot but got some bad health news from a family member and 2018 keeps on sucking.


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[1.Ch.] Autism and Emotional Labor 

Happy Birthday, @eldang my friend!

Here are some photos of my very furry puppy with very shaved feed, because they're hilarious and he looks like a puppy/chicken hybrid abomination.

I regret not going to Boston, it would have been neat, but I am just so tired. I need to rest, I can't seem to get rest.

I've been hacking on a side project and that's been fun, but there's just way more work ahead of me than behind me and I don't have the wherewithal to just sit down and press the attack.

A day with no obligations. Slept til 2. Took a bath. Took a shower. Ate a sandwich. Played a game until I got bored of it.

Skipping a friend's thanksgiving dinner tonight for no reason other than I don't want to socialize.

My partner is in Boston doing an art show in collaboration with a kind and famous comedian, and I didn't go because I thought I had a thing.

When it turned out I didn't I couldn't find it in myself to overrule that decision.

Feeling empty.

where do the kids go to download torrents these days? a show I want to watch is not available by any other means.

Thinking about how autistic kids in the past were said to have been changelings, fey replacements for stolen human infants.

Thinking about how the depiction of the fey in fiction has always made so much sense to me, bound as they are to to rules that don't make sense to humans but provide the fey with their powers somehow.

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Hey y'all, if you like my emoji commissions, you might be interested in this emoji set I'm slowly building called Mutant Standard. It's not like other sets - it's a unique take that's introducing true gender neutrality, pride flags and symbols, furry emoji and more for everyone to enjoy.

Nearly 7,000 have already been made and it's free to download. There are different instructions and downloads to help you use them in various popular apps. :)

@mutantstd /

Off to Saint Louis for Strange Loop, so excited! I haven’t been for a few years, glad to be back in it - plus @ahandvanish is speaking on the main stage! :-D

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You have heard of entire D&D parties made up of Bards, and that's ok: they're a band.

But consider... Bard armies. Marching bands.

Going to bounce our sidekiq server, probably you won't even notice any interruption but if you do just give it a second.

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