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Yikes, sorry I boosted that super long toot into your feeds, I’m not sure what was going on with that but it was way over 500chars!

I particularly remember my year in Japan, where everyone played the gender game more aggressively even than in the US.

"Men are like this, women are like that" is just a common every day conversation, because that seems to be how gender mostly works. And I always always always changed the subject, because these cliches never really spoke to me.

Hi uh who wants to talk about gender?

I'm increasingly realizing that "I guess I don't really relate to masculinity and at most feel vaguely resentful that it's been used as a cudgel for assuming I have horrible views about others" is maybe a gender take.

I am comfortable owning 'cismale but not an asshole', after years of struggling to reconcile it, but have been thinking lately if I were 15 today I might go for nonbinary?

I posted some thoughts to birdsite about the spirit world. I’d love to hear your thoughts here if you find this interesting:

Hi weirdos! It’s my birthday today, I’m 36! No exciting plans, Hannah is traveling and work is unusually busy so we’ll celebrate in a couple of weeks.

I just wanted to say: I’m incredibly grateful for all of you, for trusting me to create this space that you’re all imbuing with so much meaning.

This coming year I want to focus on giving more to my community - here and elsewhere.

Cheers, and thanks for keeping weirder earth weird!

any of you play FFXIV? I'm considering trying to get back into it...

Happy new year, weirder earthlings - thanks for being here, and here's to a great 2019 for everyone but the nazis!

The way a surprisingly good/interesting interaction can immediately pull you out of a depressed, despairing slump by letting you feel seen.

The way the opposite also holds true.




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Looks like federation broke, I bounced it and we should be good. I'll check back in a bit to see if it needs anything else.

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Making beef/pork stock for borscht tomorrow. My first time cooking it for my partner's mom's family, let's hope I remember to skim the fat off of the stock this time...

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spending your entire childhood in a daydream as escapism leads to a persistent feeling of not belonging in this world as an adult. once you've spent so much time somewhere else, it's hard to learn how to be here now.

That warbling voice he uses in the flaming lips vocal solos is my jam.

“Will the fight for our sanity be the fight of our lives?” Etc.

Everything back clean, I'm back home. They said best guess it was a concussion with ancillary weirdness, but that I am still going to have to see a neurologist. yay!

Whacked my head something fierce this evening, a few hours later had a brief seizure.

I do not get seizures, so this development is alarming.

Now in the ER waiting for cat scan results.

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