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I guess I haven't done an yet so, uh. Not actually a Tumblr escapee, I signed up four whole days before the Thing and hadn't used it in a while anyway. Was on here back in the day for a bit.

Queer & genderqueer, almost 40, disabled (severe-ish EDS type 3), brain weirdness, used to draw a bit but rarely have time/energy now I have a young kid. I like crochet and reptiles and Terraria and Starbound and GW2 and I listen to a bunch of silly podcasts.

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ukpol, gross/body fluids 

He/him, they/them lesbians and lesbians who use neopronouns are beautiful and handsome and wonderful and there is NOTHING wrong with you if you are a lesbian who uses them!

"You know the problem with Lego? It's just not painful enough when you stand on it."
--the inventor of sticklebricks, presumably

selfie, eye contact, I'm technically shirtless but you can't see anything nsfw 

the way my hair is at the moment I basically look femme on one side and butch on the other

I'm kind of into it

I also hate the fact that whenever I say this, people are immediately like "no, you ARE smart and articulate!!!" like

i'm the one who was trying to express the thing, I know that what I said didn't come close to everything I wanted to convey

I hate the fact that there's so often important things I want to say and points I want to make, but I'm not articulate enough to express them and so they go unmade, or very badly made

babyposting, non serious illness mention 

me, 24 hours ago, drawing for the first time in months: oh wow, i orgot how great drawing is

me currently: oh god i forgot how awful drawing is i'm going to throw my tablet into a lake

I bought Caves of Qud because it sounded/looked so exactly like the sort of game I would fall obsessively in love with and lose 500 hours of my life to. like a mashup of terraria/roguelikes/that one bitsy swamp girl game

but instead I just cannot figure it out and I die all the time before anything gets the chance to be interesting

someone please tell me it just has a steep learning curve and I'm not just useless at this

ukpol, uspol, trump 

ukpol, uspol, trump 

tattoo pic 

mentions of homestuck and discourse, but not actually about the homestuck discourse bc i don't know what it is 

pet death mention, tattoos 

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