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I guess I haven't done an yet so, uh. Not actually a Tumblr escapee, I signed up four whole days before the Thing and hadn't used it in a while anyway. Was on here back in the day for a bit.

Queer & genderqueer, almost 40, disabled (severe-ish EDS type 3), brain weirdness, used to draw a bit but rarely have time/energy now I have a young kid. I like crochet and reptiles and Terraria and Starbound and GW2 and I listen to a bunch of silly podcasts.

reminder that if you celebrate the lunar new year, or just want an excuse to make a game, im running a lunar new year jam from 1/25 - 2/8


bear eat sushi they're just bad at cutting it before hand

one of the weirdest things about being autistic is how hard you've gotta focus to look Presentable in the allistic'am it's taking all my spoons to look even marginally put-together please have some respect

hey tho can i just say how much i appreciate and the little community here

i picked this instance pretty randomly because i liked the name and i feel like that was super lucky because if i'd ended up on say, a shitpost-heavy or super tech-focused instance i'd have probably felt out of place and drifted out of fedi again

but is fucking awesome and i love all of you weirdos

(also i am excited for us moving to hometown so i can make posts like this instance-only haha)

I can't do it now bc i am in a darkened room on my phone trying not to wake the baby

bleh, i wanted to do mascmonday but I looked exhausted and ugly all day :(

salty, ableism, death ment, not current meta related 

salty, ableism, not current meta related 

bad brain shit, caps 

i really hate it that basically all guides about how to make a website/what it should include etc are all BUSINESS!! HERE IS HOW TO GET THE MOST CLIENT ENGAGEMENT FOR UR BUSINESS!!!! SEO! MONETISATION!!!

i just want a tiny shitty site for my tiny shitty games ffs

salty, ableism, not current meta related 

so i kept thinking "i should check out neocities" and i never did but today i finally did and i love it so much

half of these sites look like they travelled through time from 1998 but got lightly dusted with vaporwave along the way and i love everything about this aesthetic

honestly even though i don't really have much to put on a site, i kinda want to get a paid account just to support it existing (& so i could put something stupid up on maybe)

The GENDERWRECKED ANTIFA BENEFIT SALE is NOW LIVE! Get the game that defined a genderation for 50% off, AND put your money to a good cause!

(image CW: body horror)

greetings fellow enbies. whats on the agender today

very mildly gross, very tangentially uspol 

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