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I guess I haven't done an yet so, uh. Not actually a Tumblr escapee, I signed up four whole days before the Thing and hadn't used it in a while anyway. Was on here back in the day for a bit.

Queer & genderqueer, almost 40, disabled (severe-ish EDS type 3), brain weirdness, used to draw a bit but rarely have time/energy now I have a young kid. I like crochet and reptiles and Terraria and Starbound and GW2 and I listen to a bunch of silly podcasts.

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you might not want to follow if... 

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money, benefits (+) 

money, benefits (+) 

creepiness levels are critical

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

so apparently is an instance now and obviously i signed up because i have an alt problem: @natrix

might divert baby-related shitposting over there maybe

[looks around sneakily]


hey you

c'mere a minute


you can just eschew gender if ya wanna

just thought you should know

[leaps off a bridge and disappears into the murky depths of the sea]

food, fat shaming 


gender is confusing, so is plurality 

gender is confusing 

gender shitpost 

r/relationships has 2 kinds of posts:

-my boyfriend, lord death of the murder castle, is powering his airship with orphan's blood. how do I rescue this relationship

-my girlfriend smiled at another man. is it legal to slash her tires

capitalism, money, salt 

sort of cw meta, bit more meta-y this time 

sort of cw meta, bit more meta-y this time 

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