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straight ppl being straight ppl 

NSFW, sex acts in a painting 

ok so I'm on a 3.0 instance, I'm on my laptop and i *still* can't see where the goddamn trending tags are

including not on so I know it's not a issue

*sobbing* I don't even WANT the goddamn tags i just want to know what other people are talking about and why I can't find them

i fucking love the entire aesthetic of @noisemakerbot 's glitchin-out posts

i apologise for boosting so many of its toots but I just really love the glitchy ones you get back ok

kid is with the co-parents and i am about to nap so fucking hard


ok google, how do I stop time so I can take a 48-hour nap

you ever have one of those days where at the end of it you're so tired you literally want to cry

Thirteen days before the Masquerade of Crop Tops you avoid Ember Tess Berdecia, a decadent patriarch in an apricot onesie.

instance presentation :boost_ok: 

I feel like we shouldn't call work "work". The shit that happens at "work" isn't actually anything that we need to be doing.

Work is fixing up my house, getting that garden started so I can have some extra food

Sending email so a few rich assholes can get more money serving other businesses shouldn't be "work"

complaining, self directed/reclaimed ableist slur 

complaining, self directed/reclaimed ableist slur 

food (vegan) 

idk how to cw...morality? 

“good” vs “bad”, abuse 

important poll! when I have the money and energy, should I dye bits of my hair:

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