to everyone working to self-motivated schedules and goals, reminder that planning and organising work is still work

make sure to take the time required just to figure things out and give yourself breaks from that too ^^

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The infamous "free speech' social media startup known for fostering an online alt-right community is making plans to integrate itself into the fediverse. 

The princess kicked off her shoes. Her jewelry followed, sinking into the sand.

Her tiara was tossed aside next. Her delicate embroidered veils fluttered away.

The waves lapped at her toes as she sang an old song her mother had taught her, wrapped in a simple, passed down fur shawl.

Up in the castle, attendants searched desperately, unaware of the voices rising from the sea, welcoming home the granddaughter of their stolen Queen.

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I've talked about this before, but let me do it again.

The US is more or less run by the entertainment industry.

Creating your own music, art, movies, books, videogames, podcasts, and stage plays within the US is an act that robs the established power structures of attention.

Making media is an act of radicalism, of protest, and of outright rebellion.

Support local music. Go to a community theater. get a bunch of weird nerds together in a basement and film a talkshow.

Fight back.


If you like with , I can recommend The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher. I've been enjoying the audiobook via my library, and indeed many of my favorite parts have been about the cat society. I'm not done yet, so I'm recommending early, but I've found it quite gripping.

Somewhere in the desert I saw the brightest rainbow I'd ever seen, glaring its bright colors vividly and insistently.

This morning's mental soundtrack is Love is Love, from Stereo Alchemy.

I spent my whole weekend driving across the desert on I-10. A library audio book made the miles fade away and the exits blur, and I will surely do that again. But the music I started with on my way out of California two days ago is still with me.

Most "how you get published" or similar books/talks don't talk about how recovery after finishing huge projects is necessary, vital, and productive all on its own.

I wish someone had told me, so I'm telling anyone who needs to hear it: recovery is part of any art, and don't stint on it. Recovery makes you faster, more nimble, and your work more complex.

Blue Monk, played by Dr. John, is a beautiful thing.

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Benefits of a mental soundtrack 

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