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Today was pretty full of transport and logistics and planning, but (a) it does look like the tours here are going to be a lot better done than in Quito, and (b) I still got to stick a camera out the window as we passed a small island.

cruise notes 

cruise notes 

Gonna start cw-ing these because I can see how they’d get tiresome.

It is worth mentioning that I have counted 2 passengers who are visibly people of color so far on this cruise.

cruise notes 

Due to the aforementioned wangling of a fancier boat for free, both sets of parents have ended up in the two available “penthouse suites” on this fancy boat (we think nobody wanted to pay that much money for them, so they were unsold). They are getting VIP treatment, like going first for everything. It is really fun to watch my parents’ reaction to this, because as blue collar people from Flint, they are utterly unaccustomed to being treated as any kind of special.

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i really cannot stress enough that the way white settlers talk about black/ brown/ asian/ indigenous folks and paint them in shades of blood thirst and barbarism is 100% a way that takes away our person hood. its a tried and true tactic devised to make us appear less than human. donald trump used this in his campaign and got away with it, and now we have literal concentration camps on US soil.

we're still people. i tried making a joke out of something said tonight and i couldn't. it hurt.

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Alright, next stop Galapagos! Whatever else happens in the coming week, we’ll be on a boat in a place I’ve wanted to visit for literally decades.

I don’t know how much internet access we’ll have, so if I go quiet assume it’s just that. And if there are connections I’ll post more photos, of course.

Hasta luego Quito! Te amo mucho y quiero regresar pronto.

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And here’s some more Quito . I could happily spend another week here, but I’m also very excited about our next stop.

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Better things from yesterday; the Franciscan convent is beautiful and appropriately hosts a pet bird rescue. Also the one church I felt appropriate taking photos in because they put tourists in a gallery separate from worshipers and removed enough that I felt like I wasn’t disturbing them.


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colonial mentality 

You can tell which one of us brought an actual computer with a keyboard on this trip.

I oughta post some of the paintings I’ve been doing to make up for it.

For now, I’m just gonna be gobsmacked at how a person thinks it’s cool to show up somewhere and make crass jokes about the language they speak in that place.

Why would you come somewhere to see it and then be rude about a huge part of the culture? Nobody asked us to show up here, so instead of being shitty about the fact that people speak Spanish, they could have saved their money and stayed in whatever white exurban hellscape they just crawled out of.

This is peak colonizer mentality.

However tomorrow we’re going to the Galapagos and hopefully seeing giant tortoises and stuff so! It’ll be awesome!

We were rattling around Quito ourselves for a week and having an awesome (if digestively challenged) time, so this all feels super extra weird.

The backstory for this tour I’m on, friends, is that my mom has always wanted to go to the Galápagos, and she decided that it’d be cool if she, my dad and I went along with @eldang and his parents.

The option that made the most sense for us collectively was a cruise. To put it mildly, I am not really a “cruise person” but here we are.

Also, our original boat is under repair and we have wangled a replacement cruise on a much fancier boat (this itself is a long story)

Ok so now you have context

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