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nein09 @nein09

This like NEVER HAPPENS in Seattle.

Also I think our neighbors have realized the benefits of a shoveled sidewalk and I see that more people in the neighborhood have cleared theirs!

I’m pleased that I have still kept my good shoveling form and can clear snow marginally faster than all these people who have had less practice at the task.

@nein09 Yes! I was so glad to hear so many other shovels when I first went out. Perhaps the patchwork of easy and difficult walking that the neighbourhood had last week got the message across....

@nein09 might also just be that it is Saturday and no one has to go to work* - - but yes, i saw that too, lots more shoveling happening today.

* except the postal service. that thing about not sleet nor snow etc etc is legit!

@nein09 (i shoveled mine but was not fast. then again the only shovel i have is a backcountry one... i was enviously eyeballing folks with proper biggee-sized shovels)

@nein09 you posted the wrong picture then :-) Where's your shoveled sidewalk? :-)