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Gender Spectrum 

...we were able to develop a minimal “mock” discord client, which allowed us to initiate calls and properly fuzz protocol data to find bugs. While we won’t be going over bugs, one interesting side effect we noticed was evidence that Discord servers decrypt and inspect all user’s audio/video data server-side in real-time....

"Let's Reverse-Engineer Discord"

Parents let intersex child decide for herself 

Goose Game, indigenous peoples 


my mew year's resolution is to mew lots and lots this year! it'll be hard but i know i can do it! :3

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@cypnk Yes, on a very sleek, fully automated sort of space ship. For your more dystopian space ships with less automation, the MDT-1900 is more the grungy aesthetic.

If you are alone today and that gets to you:

1. Yeah you can just not observe the day but it's still completely legit that it would hurt to be alone today anyway
2. Treat yourself treat yourself treat yourself you deserve so much love and there's nothing wrong with giving yourself that love
3. Observe Nitteknakht, the Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food and seeing a movie.
4. Remember PLEASE: Treat Physical Illness, Eat, Avoid Alcohol (stay sober!), Sleep, Exercise. It will help a lot

now that I want to go to bed I hear there was a bancars discourse and I totally missed it.

anyway, totally out of context - here's my 2 cents forever:

BAN CARS :bancars:

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gender recognition act, lgbt orgs 

I like how "PM" (private message) has now been renamed to "DM" (direct message)

Implication being they are no longer really private

i am always in your corner, mew!

your kittycorner! :3


PCOS, intersex, body stuff talk, fatphobia / fatness, transphobia, medical 

PCOS, intersex, body stuff talk, fatphobia / fatness, medical 

combating internalised ableism, mild ableist language 

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