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Polyamory thoughts 

overheard, unexpected, mastodev-related 

LGBT+, YouTube discrimination, lawsuit 

HIV prevention PSA (tldr you can get PrEP for FREE) 

NSFW. Asking for info & resources about some of the lesser-known options for bottom surgery for FTM & MTF spectra, so that I can create a sex ed infographic about them all. (OK to RT) 

open letter to drivers 

Anybody out there know of any good youtube (or equivalent) channels or podcasts about #boardgame and #ttrpg design?

Like GMTK but for #tabletop games I guess, NOT just reviews, like looking at mechanics and theming and all that good stuff

expressing emotion as a man 

I found the sample used in "Funky Dealer".

I was worried that it was lost forever, since some people seem to think it was only on a sample CD by a defunct company called Masterbits (which does seem to be completely lost) - however, the sample also appears on a disc which is still available from a production company called The Hollywood Edge Seems like it's from a radio reading of the pulp mystery novel "No House Limit" by Steve Fisher and dates to the 60s.

My new bot, @SecretlyPublicDomain, highlights pre-1964 books that entered the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed.

Until May, it wasn't possible to find these books on a large scale. Now it is:

Mastodon Feature Request:

my kingdom for a button that creates an untagged reply to a post, puts the URL of the post in the body, then puts "CW Boost: " in the CW field, then focuses on the CW field, and then auto-boosts the new post

basically i want to automate this shit so i can do it without my hand falling off

#MastoDev #ActualMastoDev


get ready for our new gameshow 

💻 tonight i wrote a brief threaded guide to getting started on mastodon in spanish for newcomers

due to the lack of beginner resources in languages other than english, i'd be super grateful if you guys spread the word! :_gayheart2:

pls remember that there is a tiny pixel kitten who likes you and believes in you when you are having a hard time :blobcatheart:


When a musician makes a song, it's message to their listeners
When an artist makes a piece, it's a message to their viewers
When a developer writes software, it's a message to their users

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