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If you are a musician or sound artist and you urgently need 'native' support for audio uploads on mastodon, you can (and please do!) vote (thumbs up) or ideally write a short comment on the issue on github: "Allow users to post audio files #4827"

It looks like support is almost there but still not really implemented. Votes for this can raise the priority of this much needed feature.

(please boost!)

being non-binary is when you custom-build gender from source

Seems like hella pixel artists don't know about GrafX2, a fantastic (and free) app inspired by Deluxe Paint

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PSA: "Tradition" is just peer pressure from dead people.

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i will be doing a smol april fools joke this year. it will be silly and hopefully not scare anyone. but if you would like to know what it is so you are not surprised, please DM me and i will tell you :blobcat:

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IMPORTANT DISCOVERY: Safari's Touch Bar video controls ignore whether fast forward/rewind are allowed in an HTML 5 video. Which means on a MacBook you can use it to skip forced ads on YouTube!

the muppets facebook page posted this, which in my mind is basically conformation that Statler and Waldorf ARE husbands who have been married for years.

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Which one of you nerds is responsible for this? (Redrafted)

From a professor's homework policy. "This method of attaching pages is... more than necessary."

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@PaladinQuinn yes! i've been thinking about this all day! he essentially uses the kinsey scale and puts himself in the middle