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@flussence so what you're saying is eating jeff bezos is a dps loss

There is a whole category on Jeopardy today called "the gender-free option", like using "forebears" instead of "forefathers", and also almost certainly the first occurrence of "Latinx" on this show, what a time to be alive

Trying to live as a cis person when you are actually nonbinary is unlikely to make you happier.

I know it's difficult and terrifying to question your gender and to accept the possibility of experiencing (more) oppression.

However, embracing who you are now is more important than the theoretical possibility of happiness if you pretend to be someone else.

Life is full of risk. Taking risks for the right reasons is what matters.

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so long as they stay out of the exact same distribution channels that the parent company actively uses or has some ownership over, nobody gives a fuck and commerce proceeds

essentially: these works are already being treated as if they were public domain by those who know how to do so. and chaos and bedlam have not ensued

if copyright hadnt been extended so far, optimus prime AND super mario would both be in the public domain right now and the surreptitious, mostly-online distribution new works that use these characters mirrors how this kinda shit has had to go underground but also, how stamping them out is completely fucking unnecessary

real talk 3P transformers are an interesting object lesson in how copyright extension has deeply fucked up a lot of culture creation and is Not Necessary for anyone who is not giant mega corporations

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tfw somehow, being treated normally is rather embarrassing...

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