death (~) 


I'm working on my website and I just keep getting angry about that rude guy from a few weeks ago. :angry_ms:

conclusion of the car window saga!!! 

conclusion of the car window saga!!!, vegan food (+) 

spider mention, non-lewd nude 

spider mention, non-lewd nude 

Found out one of the buildings in an abandoned place that I explored last year has collapsed and
I was not prepared for how
the longing to roadtrip would hit me.

Maybe if I can get some good pictures I’ll post them later.

(It’s fine, I like it, I just surprised myself. First rule of doing your own hair is: have no expectations and enjoy whatever happens.)

Today in Life: whoops I dyed my hair the wrong colour :shrug_g1:

cycling (-) 

long, cycling (-) 

Just ordered the part I need to replace in my car door (the previous car door deconstruction was just to shove a pvc pipe in there to hold up the window while I waited to have the money to buy the part). I can't wait for car door deconstruction round two!! πŸš—

I finally put flea poison on the back of Penny’s head, but she hates things on/around her head and neck so this turned into a day-long, rather traumatic affair. She’s been hiding in various spots around the room, mostly whatever small dusty places she can squeeze herself into. I think she’s forgiven me because she just crawled out of the shoes and up onto my chest, shut her eyes tightly and buried her face on me. :blobcatknife: :blobcathissing: :blobcatpeek:

alc + 

funny little self esteem observation 

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