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nox πŸŒ²βœ¨πŸŒ™

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Spent the day slightly overseeing kids from the local university who shot a short film in the art studio I work in; it was fun. I say slightly because I mostly sat in a corner and worked on my own stuff, but was available for questions/help.

I did not sleep and now I’m in the middle of like, five projects at once so I don’t want to stop but like...what if I just laid down on the floor of the studio for a bit >.>
What if...

Do I go home and sleep or do I draw...everything I’ve drawn today is a bit crap and I’m grumpy. Sleep?

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contemplating self promo Show more

LB: haha I’m really happy with these so far. Honestly, I’m probably not going to make much money with how much effort I’m putting in to them, but like most things I make it’s more that I want to make them.

Really excited with how these good luck tokens are coming out! The other side will feature a different design, with a bat.

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There’s something really magical to me about seeing the stuff I’ve made in print, even a low-budget diy print job.

I bought Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal (first HP book in spanish) and after reading a bit it suddenly occurred to me it was probably Spain-spanish, which led to a duckduckgo search and this article on some small differences between the translations that I found interesting:

If you want gentle DM reminders when you forget to include alt text for an image in a toot, follow @alt_text .

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Gentle reminder to self and anyone else that needs it: one’s worth is not related to one’s productivity.

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It feels like I was in a time warp. But a kind of lame one where all that happened was I lost a week.

Feeling like I’m crawling out of a cocoon after a weeklong illness. I slept for three days and had wild dreams. But now to play catch up with everything I missed last week!

the jasmine really exploded while we were gone!

On saturday I found this in a record shop and, not knowing what it was, bought it based on the lovely album art: wolvesandvibrancyrecords.bandc
Imagine my excitement when I opened it to find dancing skellingtons on the b-side!
(AND I turned out to like the music, haha.)