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hey, i probably should have an so that people know something about me, since i mostly toot followers-only and try to limit my boosts (hence the lack of visible toots)

if you follow me, you're likely to see me rambling about social media/#fediverse meta, vague musings about anticapitalism and anarchist proposals, some pics of my trips, and some small bits and bats about my daily life.

i love talking to people, so i reply a lot 💛 don't hesitate to reply to me, either!

in the spirit of recovering bits of the web 1.0

what are some of your favorite personal websites, old or current? i would be very happy to know, even if i don't know you or the owner of the site, i like finding those little corners where people do as they please

honestly, the worst part of liking anything is the avengers crossovers on ao3

again, they're free. if you can spare a few bucks as compensation for the work that'd be most welcome but it's not necessary at all, i'm glad to do the work in these trying times

are you an internet user? do you feel like a giant noob in terms of security habits, practices and software? would you like to make your communications a bit more difficult to barge into, perhaps protect some files specially well?

i'm offering free practical infosec guides for newbies, not very technical stuff that can be used day-to-day along with an assesment of what you might need.

:boost_ok: I'm desperately looking to help out, so seriously, hit me up if you're interested.

does anyone know of any semi public, semi private social networks (something between discord and a forum) that allows for more extended and nuanced interaction and that feels less like... voidyell?

i know that microblogging platforms will never substitute meaningful conversation in small groups with a freer format, which is partially what i'm desperate for, and perhaps this unreasonable expectation is what keeps me so dissatisfied

every gregorian new year i think about how i should be more mindful of my social media use and, while last year that culminated in my leaving birdsite after 10 years (which is something i definitely don't regret) i am still unsatisfied, with both the format my online social interactions are forced into and the way i interact with the social media itself

i'm pretty sure half of :weirder_earth: is planning on doing a year, including myself, which is very encouraging.

any tips from worn veterans in the art of resisting impulse purchases?

⏩ accesible themeing

@esbe and i are the authors of the current w.e themes, but i feel like some of them could do with a rework to make them a little more contrast-heavy and accessible

⏩ increased toot length and read more feature

i feel like this could benefit discussion on the fediverse at large, but am still not sure how to implement properly

⏩ make public profile optional

sometimes one just doesn't want their profile to be available to the web at large, and this would make it only accesible to logged-in users

⏩ roles (profile badges, like the admin/mod ones that already exist, for interaction preferences and maybe cosmetic purposes)

i've seen these in a couple of forks and i feel they would be useful. adult-only interactions, pronouns, interact before following... those are the badge styles i have in mind

⏩ hidden metrics (follower/following count)

there's mixed discourse on the fedi about this choice, and while i feel it fits the w.e vibes, i would like to know if there's a consensus

⏩ Local-only posting option

i know this was heavily requested back when the hometown fork was published

thanks to the help of various mastodevs i'm in the process of making changes to the vanilla masto code to make a fork for :weirder_earth:, our home

i want to ask you guys about features; i've come up with a list of things that I will be polling about in a sec, but i want to ask you to suggest features (@rabbithearth already did!) to see if they can be implemented

polls are unlisted, but threaded to this toot. here we go! :_gaysparkle:

◻️ read more + extended toot length

i forgot about this :P i think it would let people have more nuanced discussions

i'm willing to put in the research and work, even if in the end we can't properly implement all of them, just because i want to invest in it in some way. but it would make me very happy to make it a community effort in whatever way we can

i mean i'm going to be asking around for help with these things because some i know how to implement and some i am very confused about, but knowing this is a thing, it would be nice for :weirder_earth: to have:

◻️ local-only posting
◻️ hidden metrics
◻️ roles/macro profile tags
◻️ optional public profile
◻️ fully accessible and varied themes

can anyone think of other useful stuff you've seen on masto forks? something you think would be feasible and cool? let me know 💛

@vector @eldang i know real life has been keeping you busy, but i wanted to offer help with migrating :weirder_earth: to a fork (hometown, but i could look into some monsterpit and glitchsoc features) because i know it's been on the to-do list for a while and i really want to contribute in some way

if you do a new year's reflection, what would you ask the universe, yourself? about the past year, about the year to come?

:boost_ok: and also replies sought

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