now federation breaks whenever i switch to a fork of masto that runs smoothly on other instances, sidekiq appears as inactive and relays give me 401 errors. any experiences with switching to hometown or from other instance admins? any idea what might be breaking?

@numen did you run all the migrations?

I switched from vanilla to glitchsoc and I think I everything went pretty smoothly ><

maybe gotta upgrade ruby? Or restart everything?

(you probably already restarted everything but just putting it out there uwu)

@zac i ran db:migrate and assets:precompile, are there more?

@numen no, that should be it.


could be an nginx thing? :/

@zac hm! are there any specific settings that relate to federation?

@numen are you able to see posts from other instances, or is it just dead overall?

@zac just dead overall, not even users showing up on search, not even remote follows

@numen hmmm that sounds like a network thing

maybe firewall?

have you tried upgrading any kind of distribution packages?

@zac nope to the distro packages update, but i'm surprised the firewall might be the issue from vanilla mastodon to other forks, honestly. i'll still check tho!

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