selfie, ec, :boost_no: 

i haven't seen real life snow in 9 years! and someone caught a picture of me looking on in awe :blobaww:

asking for money :boost_ok: 

was cleaning up my camera roll and found freddie marxcury from one of many travels 💖

this one has greek numbers on it and it's green!!!!

i want like, 10 of these


i can't find the fucking source and i'm crawling all over the WALLS

we discovered picrew yesterday and spent all day making portraits, both conceptual and figurative. some of mine were scarily accurate, down to the outfits.

vacation diary, kitty eye contact 

vacation diary, CAH-type of questionable humor 

vacation diary, sea, fire 

vacation diary, selfie (eye contact) 

vacation diary, food, sea 

vacation diary, kittens 

depression sometimes makes it hard to get back into but i'm very glad 21st century life granted me a pocket camera always at the ready

speaking of , i had a bit of an fever and i couldn't find any comic art of iceman that looked appropiately n'sync-ish so i went ahead and painted an icon for myself

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