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i'm feeling like watching some cozy anime, slice of life witg maybe cooking or some craft, mostly i want an atmosphere like mushishi or eve no jikan, but less fantasy/sci fi and more quotidian

any recommendations? :boost_ok: i would really like to watch something comforting tonight

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Gonna get really into local politics so I can have my souls crushed time and time again as my county/city continue to elect tin foil hat wearers and assholes who pass parked school busses

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looking for fediversian league players that aren't assholes, :boost_ok: 

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instance presentation :boost_ok: 

@Aleums i've been playing league of legends all week please save me

@Aleums aoe (area of effect, since it applies to more people by definition)

@RadiantEmber I mean, I already made a couple of custom themes for g.t but i'm so happy with how these turned out that i want to make use of them also. i don't know if i technically transferred the "ownership" to the weirder admins when i gifted them or

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i have many ethics questions about the notion of ownership that somehow are all featured in the conflict: should i use the weirder themes in my instance?

except for forest, since i was barely a part of coding that


gentle.town is down right now because of changing to hometown and adding themes, fear not, for it is Alrite, Bruh

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hey y’all! izzy @numen is working on getting gentle.town up and running again. they’re hoping to get a good blocklist started and get a feel of how the new whitelisting system works; so if anyone (including w.e mods, since their message got lost in the instance reboot) on any instance that you feel has a solid moderation could send me a message that would be great!

tldr: trying to figure out some of the most well-modded instances to start a new blocklist!

boosts are very much appreciated!

@twistylittlepassages excited noises (i'm not even around here anymore but this is very exciting news)

@eldang this is so comforting to know and to see explicitly stated, thank you very much <3

@distel it is always somewhat comforting to know i am missed, so don't apologize for the enthusiasm. i'm glad you like the themes and are giving them some use, weirder earth has always been such a kind space to me i couldn't help but want to give back in some way <3

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hey, i know some people have been worried about me (on @numen) because i was suicidal and spent two weeks offline plus then g.t crashed; i wanted to let you know i'm alive and not well, but breathing

boost if you wish, maybe this will reach some of the people concerned 💛

mental health, self harm ment, - 

@strnom gracias 💛 a ver cómo lo puedo montar para que entre varies lo podamos llevar

@compostablespork i do remember a.weirder.earth quite fondly, and perhaps my fear is irrational, but i guess since it was happening at the same time as some tough time irl the fear of disappointing people is way stronger than what it rationally should be

by invite only i mean that members would also be able to send out invites, and the registrations would be closed with a warning about the instance being unstable and ways of contacting admins to get an invite. idk if that sounds reasonable? (implicit @ mastoadmins)

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