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Kinda feeling super triggered. Send cute pics, please. Boosts welcome.

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hot take: snacks 

I wouldn’t be half the person I am without the incredible people in my life. And right now I’m feeling really loved and blessed by the weirder.earthlings and all my mastofriends who have helped me build myself up over the last year or so. Thank you babes. I adore you.

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all you parasites climb aboard
all you vagabonds praise the lord

This conversation tells me three things about myself:

1. I didn’t know others could see my Trello icon when I set it up.
2. I’m definitely a wrestling fan in the deepest corners of my brain. (for the record the icon is a photo of Kenny Omega circa 2017/18)
3. I made a good choice with Greg as a friend and collaborator, that his reaction is so hilariously chill.

I just saved a froggo from certain doom and a rainy parking lot squishing. He peed on me in gratitude, and I am now blessed.

Any mastonauts have good reading resources on and ?

I found a book that piqued my interest but I’d rather see if anyone else has a rabbit hole they enjoyed going down before I make my own.

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Currently deciding how awake I actually am. Is it awake enough to just work on things?

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All day today, I was really loyally bisexual.

The more time I spend away from my computer the less time I want to spend on a computer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think these last 6 months are the least amount of computer usage I’ve had since I was a kid, and tbh it’s oddly glorious.

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I woke up this morning feeling positively bisexual.

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Hyundai Kaleidoscope 


Can we please build a bot that is just snakes giving people withering looks?

At the diner listening to the older guys at the end of the counter talk about “big racks.”

And then I figured out they were talking about deer. 🤣

More for my friends this morning. Only this time it’s a bunch of photos of a tree that looks like it has eyes. Aka the most ostentatious ent I have ever seen.

Today I wake up in a house full of friends and pets. Any day that starts with watching a puppy and kitten play together has got to be a good day.

Deep deep gratitude for everyone who sent me cute pics as a response to this toot. Y’all are champions and made my day so much easier. Thank you.

Kinda feeling super triggered. Send cute pics, please. Boosts welcome.

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