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I want to whine about stupid work things.

Instead I will recognize that today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, everything is ephemeral, and life is short.

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What does it say that today I'm being served up articles on quitting your job, and why micromanagement causes people to quit... :thinking_fire:

Distraction level near maximum this morning. I arrived at work with a notebook I don’t need and my lunch sitting on the kitchen counter at home...


Let’s see if I can reel this day back in.

This will sound a touch paranoid, but if you take one bit of wisdom from me let it be this: document everything. Especially if you ever have that "huh, this is weird" feeling.

Protect yourself.

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Morning my lovelies.

Never, ever negotiate with someone or something trying to do you harm.

Always be open to compromise and understanding, but do not sacrifice an inch of your well being to appease anything that wants injure you.

You have a right to defend yourself. Your peace and happiness matter.

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Big ugly is over (I hope forever) with a good outcome, and I only started to shake and cry once.

Let’s never do that again.

I will do my best. It’s all I can do.

Today I played Where’s Waldo except with myself in the background of photos that Dragon Lee posted on Instagram. That’s a fun reminder to hold onto the good.

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If I know the worst thing that can happen, and I know I can deal with it, I can allow myself to stop actively worrying, right?

New BTE features Kenny in jorts, and I am well pleased.

You can tell a lot about my mood today by that last freudian typo:

I just saved a file called "membershit renewal"

whoops. :thinking_fire:

Bo Burnham with the life wisdom
"...Also, maybe just speak your fears into the world. I learned that when I was 25, that to say it out loud is the solution to it. Just to speak what you’re worried about is very, very helpful."

(Also this interview with Rookie reminded me that I want to see Eighth Grade: )

Baby step. Baby step. Baby step.