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Kinda feeling super triggered. Send cute pics, please. Boosts welcome.

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red green's ethos that "if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" proposes a model of masculinity that prioritizes putting oneself at the service of others, an almost perfect antithesis to modern western culture's toxic ideals of manhood. in this essay i will

I can’t sleep because the chorus to that Sia Christmas song that is essentially a remake of “How much is that doggy in the window?” keeps running through my head.

Do you know how hard it is to fall asleep when your brain keeps singing on repeat “PUPPIES ARE FOREVER! NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS!”

tattooing video and pics, 

tattooing video and pics, 

cw eye contact 

annoying unwarranted body comments 

Who has two thumbs and apparently interviewed at a pyramid scheme? 

Sometimes I worry....

That’s a lie, I worry all the time

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I had read and loved Alexis Sudgen's "It's All For The Breast" when it was half public on Tapas, and then forgotten about it, and I came back yesterday and the end had been published!!/firs

I have to say I identified so much wich the gender non conforming masculine young Lex, and I was almost disappointed by the end, but it does make sense.

and it's a great comic!

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'Can I get you anything?' he asked. 'A cup of tea?'

'No, thank you.'

'I insist.'

Reid found himself sipping gingerly at a cup of tea a few minutes later. He thought: I just won't finish it. That's all.

But the conversation was good and when he next looked down, the cup was dry and scattered with black.

He sighed dramatically.

'Is something wrong?'

'No,' he said, setting aside his cup and its heart-shaped residue. 'Are you, um, doing anything later?'

#microfiction #TootFic

I just in all seriousness used the phrase “carnivalesque grotesquerie” when taking about a movie.

I have reached peak snobbery. And tbh I like it here.

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on the term "sleeping with", mildly lewd adjacent, sex mention 

Y’all my life is so weird right now. I miss this community and I promise to be back and more engaged soon. Apparently everything in my life just needed to blow up and reform into the weird glittery ball it’s currently coalescing into.

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Oh, and it's still Bi Visibility Day in this timezone, so let's pour one out for Hans Christian Andersen, an OG disaster bi who wrote The Little Mermaid after being rejected by one of his crushes:

Ever have a song pop into your head and realize it has a message for your life in it for that day.

Sometimes my brain shuffle is a cruel place, dropping mean truths. This morning it's Walk on Water by Marc Cohn

Tattoo touch up was my best idea of the week. I love being an apprentice and can’t wait to get more tattoos.

I re-potted a bunch of my plants and moved everyone inside for the coming cold. Needless to say after the many gifts from @compostablespork and my desire to guerrilla rescue dying succulent babies from restaurants and porches I now have more plants than I thought.

Quick thank you to this awesome community. I know I’ve been a lot less active lately (let me tell you life is a doozy) but I appreciate you so much. And to my acquaintances turned friends-you know who you are-I love ya. 😘

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