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I’m still sick. Someone come make me cookies and pet my head.

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On today’s page of O Human Star, we’re speaking the unspeakable.
This is the start of a section where - if you haven’t read OHS before - it is a very very good idea to read from the beginning.

Being super sick means one thing: I just ordered groceries to be delivered like some fancy person so I could stop ordering soup like a college student.

How much do you think ring announcers practice to come up with things like “Jay White has shovels for hands”

Jeff Cobb has such a beautiful standing moonsault.

In case you weren’t already aware... I fucking love wrestling.

@tyler is trying to convince me to take more than one shirt and change... but the aforementioned struggle is real.

Another first world wrestling problem: your current faves all being in a match against one another. Now that poses some serious swag-wearing problems.

You know you have too many wrestling favorites when you can’t decide whose swag to wear to a show.

Y’all, I got my hair done today and it smells so good I cannot tell you how much I just want to swish it around.

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Why do I keep trying to use birdsite? It should theoretically be part of my work, but man I don't even want to spend time near that trash fire.

Aaaaand I jinxed myself. There is a gaggle of 20+ elementary schoolers approaching the front door and parading past my window.... 🙃

I'm fairly certain that I am the only person other than the librarian currently in this library.

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An 80s teen mag spread relevant to more than a few of you

Oh no! School is letting out and apparently I've accidentally parked myself in the teen section of this library.

I'm 1000% too stubborn to move, so I hope these noise cancelling headphones work.

Just listened to audio I should have waited for and now I’m crying in the coffee shop. Whoops!

New rule for myself: treat yourself the way the Fab 5 would tread you.

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