Any mastonauts have good reading resources on and ?

I found a book that piqued my interest but I’d rather see if anyone else has a rabbit hole they enjoyed going down before I make my own.

@oneoddfrog I think my favorite of the nonmonogamy books I've read is Opening Up. It's a bit geared towards people coming from an existing monogamous relationship, but presents a range of nonmonogamy styles in a way that's descriptive & not judgmental.

Also I'm quoted in it (anonymously).

@oneoddfrog I have extensive complaints about More Than Two. A lot of people love it so YMMV I guess, but I felt like I was being gaslit the whole time I was reading it. If you end up reading it and have Thoughts I'm basically always down for that discussion.

@mcmoots @oneoddfrog ooh, so then you can read it and be secretly guessing which one is McMoots...

I mean I would

@compostablespork @oneoddfrog If you tell me your guesses I'll tell you if they're right. (I answered the questionnaire over email so I have an archive I can check.)

@oneoddfrog "More than Two" and "The Ethical Slut" are the usual go-to as far as I am aware, but I'll poke around for more.

@oneoddfrog the Multiamory podcast is good stuff, lots of emotional health and relationship tools even if ur not poly

@glitterwitch I hadn't heard of this at all. Thank you! I'll check it out.

@glitterwitch OMG I'm digging this podcast so much. Thank you thank you for the suggestion!

@oneoddfrog Oy... Okay, I'm going be going a while...

First off, I'll toot my own horn. I'm not blogging any more by my archives are still up at,

Also check out the work of Michon Neal. Some hir stuff is also in my archives as a guest author or find hir on medium and other places.

Kimchi Cuddles is polyam life and advice in comic format

I'm blanking on the name of it (sorry!) by @cassolotl had a queer polyam webcomic going

@cassolotl @oneoddfrog

Thank you! Were you ever able to start updating again? I had to stop checking sometime last year or so when life went crazy on me.

@jessmahler @oneoddfrog @polyinpictures Yeah, I post sporadically these days, inspiration comes and goes. :) Maybe 5-10 comics per year, give or take?

Love Is Not Colourblind by Robert Patterson is about race and polyamory but a lot of it (as he acknowledges) applies to queer folks in polyamory as well.

I wasn't able to finish it, but Girlfriends Guide to Polyamory had a good start as was more queer-friendly than anyother how-to polyam book I've picked up.

More Than Two is... it's got a lot of legit criticism and definitely written from a cishet perspective but may be worth reading.

Critical Polyamorist ( isn't queer, but has a lot of good stuff that's worth reading.

In addition to my blog, I've got books out on Polyam and Pregnancy, The Polyamorous Home, and Safer Sex for the NonMonogamous (

The Polyamorous Misanthrope is almost never posting #polyamory advice anymore, but her archives are worth digging into (polyamorousmisanthrope.tumblr.)

@oneoddfrog If you are on Quora or are comfortable starting an account there, several queer polyam folks are actively answering questions, myself included.

That's all I got off the top of my head. I'm largely not active in polyam circles anymore so there's probably stuff I haven't heard of.

Oh! I don't know what they are up to now, but Dallas Polyamory and AtlantaPoly both impressed me with their inclusiveness and active support for queer polyam folk, so maybe check if they have suggestions

@oneoddfrog You're welcome. Thanks for asking! I'll be following the thread to see if I can pick up some new resources myself.

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