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specifically if you know of anybody who has written about race- and/or gender-based violence on fedi, dropping those links right here in my menchies would be 💯

microblogging threads don't count

only interested in things which were composed and published with intent as a referencable resource

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this is a separate request: if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!! (feel free to spread the word!)

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hi my name is Metroid Samus and i am oh so gay for you Legenda Zelda smootch smootch thanks for reading 100% original content no steal

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contribute! to! the! culture! through! something! other! than! shitposts!

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not every trans lesbian has to be angsty you guys, gosh

whoops spouting critical theory again

maybe one of these days i need to make a JOURNAL post titled ‘Cutie Culture Is Dead’ lol

this is the true dividing line between millennials and generation z

you can tell iʼm a 90s girl because i overuse exclamation marks instead of overusing tildes

everyone yells at apple for getting rid of the headphone jack but honestly getting rid of the microphone jack was a Worse Crime

there are a lot of issues that Eugen doesn't consider that he could stand to think about more

but friends, "how to encourage federation" isn't one of them

i've been having lots of gender thoughts lately and it's kinda nice in a nostalgic sort of way

when itʼs no secret that youʼre poor and you still gotta beg to get basic needs met that doesnʼt speak well on our communityʼs willingness to help poor people

the fact that people have to make regular posts to patreon or social media to raise needed funds for a situation that is persistently difficult is a failure of our community to appropriately accommodate persistent difficulties

people shouldnʼt have to do labour in order to get needed accommodation for not being able to do labour

DoA has an ableist name but it's a really heckin good comic

me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
me: oh right. people are capable of just Not Being Assholes.
me: damn

do you ever just forget that your friends are capable of measured responses to missteps in your friendship because the last person you were intimate with totally wasn't

wikipedia does not have an article for toe beans but it DOES have an article for toe tufts

you expect me to know what those things on the bottom of catsʼ feets are called!! theyʼre toe beans

wikipedia has a redirect for ‘pupper’ but not for ‘toe bean’

i have been distractable as fuck today but i donʼt really mind

why is amid/amidst recognized as valid by most English speakers but across/acrost not itʼs literally the same thing