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contribute! to! the! culture! through! something! other! than! shitposts!

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not every trans lesbian has to be angsty you guys, gosh

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and yes like half of these lesbians are pan or bi it's okay

we've got… trans lesbians… we've got… lesbian backrubs… we've got… lesbian angst… we've got… lesbian quests… we've got… secret lesbians… we've got… lesbian folklore studies… we've got… lesbian kisses…

it's super funny because thus far the fic doesn't even pass the bechdel test and this next chapter is just going to be four straight sections of lesbianism like welp this is what you signed up for

haha you thought this story was going to be action/adventure but actually it is just about gay nerds

[ROUGH DRAFT] Preview!! excerpt from the chapter i just wrote Show more

i finished the first draft of the next chapter of my fanfic

it is good and extremely gay

it needs some filling out though because it's a little short and dialogue-heavy right now

it's like self-generating ASMR as you're working basically

hot take more text editors should have typewriter sounds

can we reclaim "dogpile" as a cute pile of sleeping pups

dogs don't deserve this

today's mood is very sitting on the floor with your back leaned up the wall and a blanket around your shoulders listening to the entire Enya discography through Apple earbuds

you: kibi maybe you should mute people you don't trust and whose messages you don't read

me: 🤔🤔🤔

me: i'm having a rough time today, maybe i should take it easy and just read romance fiction

me, 2 chapters later: whoops i forgot that i literally do not have the emotional spoons right now for romance fiction welp

i like how the bone 🦴 emoji is placed in the "food" category

at least holding tiny Link in the palm of her hand is fun?