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*bolin voice* well, thatʼs _politics_ but itʼs a completely different type of politics… hmm…

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specifically if you know of anybody who has written about race- and/or gender-based violence on fedi, dropping those links right here in my menchies would be 💯

microblogging threads don't count

only interested in things which were composed and published with intent as a referencable resource

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this is a separate request: if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!! (feel free to spread the word!)

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hi my name is Metroid Samus and i am oh so gay for you Legenda Zelda smootch smootch thanks for reading 100% original content no steal

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contribute! to! the! culture! through! something! other! than! shitposts!

in case you were wondering where i have been:

1) is down atm as our admin is taking a vacation from the interwebs

2) i have been persisting in the quiet and weird space of @kibimon in the interim

public toot pages are also using the old theming and not my logged-in styles

more weird behaviour: my logged­‑in theme applies for “with replies” but not for my main profile page

the main profile page actually has the Mastodon logo, which it *shouldnʼt* since weʼre running

is this like, some kind of weird cacheing / precompiled assets bug?

specific observed behaviour:

Unlisted/Public posts will not federate; Followers-Only/Direct posts will

If a Followers-Only post mentions a public post, then it WILL federate as part of the context

Unlisted/Public mentions fail to deliver and give a “remote data could not be fetched” 503 error

federation appears to be broken on specifically for public and unlisted (but not followers-only or direct) toots, running Mastodon 3.0

does ANYBODY have any idea what might be up there??

psa my account is now; g.t died and was reborn so you'll have to refollow

For big dynamic sites: Your code will have bugs; you need to think about minimizing impact on your guests.

For static sites: The only way your code can have a bug in the XHTML syntax is if you forgot to check.

The failure state of the XHTML syntax is an error page. The failure state of the HTML syntax is your browser silently making its best guess.

Some people say that this works in HTML's favour, because some content is better than no content is better than an error page. I can understand this argument for people building large, dynamic sites.

But for small, static sites, if there's a bug in my code or code generator, I wanna KNOW.

on the one hand i have made far fewer contributions on github over the past year than usual; on the other hand more of those contributions have been to things which i can and do regularly use


If you have a free moment and want to try your hand at some cover design:

Unicode is now soliciting proposals for the cover of the print edition of version 13.0:

They run this as a competition, where the winner gets $700 and two runners­‑up will get $150 apiece.

Submissions must be received by November 1, 2019.

mastodon admin friends: just migrated machines and now some images/emoji are not showing up!! i know some of you have dealt with these sorts of issues before—any ideas how to fix?!

more info:

seeing is important but is it important enough for me to put up with straight doctors? unclear

i have a medicinal appointment (eyes) today and i am extremely unenthused by that fact

cat sleeping on my lap as i try to figure out what the months would be called in a modern­‑day Hyrule AU and what the school and holiday schedules might look like

apparently it has a lot of local variations which Doesnʼt Help

tfw u realize that you have forgotten the rules to Mao

OP who fixes their problem and then returns to comment on their forum question with the answer is the unsung hero of the internet

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