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*bolin voice* well, thatʼs _politics_ but itʼs a completely different type of politics… hmm…

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specifically if you know of anybody who has written about race- and/or gender-based violence on fedi, dropping those links right here in my menchies would be 💯

microblogging threads don't count

only interested in things which were composed and published with intent as a referencable resource

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this is a separate request: if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!! (feel free to spread the word!)

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hi my name is Metroid Samus and i am oh so gay for you Legenda Zelda smootch smootch thanks for reading 100% original content no steal

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contribute! to! the! culture! through! something! other! than! shitposts!

just gonna like, sleep for a week,

sooooo much social interaction today

i don't normally comment on current events but they're really asking for it with this one huh

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my birthday is in two weeks and i have a patreon

also, addressing your disagreements with assholes to your followers, who probably already agree with you, is likely not THAT beneficial in the long run, and you can usually just ignore the former and hug the latter and get on with your day if you really want

anyway i hope y'all find a place where you have discourses which are beneficial and useful to you and which you are comfortable deploying and using, so that i can see the product of all that hard work instead of just loud confrontational statements of definition on my timeline

this is cool and good and a normal part of how we negotiate terms and identities and discourses

but uh, establishing a discourse is just that, it's establishing a discourse

when you feel like you don't *have* a discourse that work can feel all-consuming, but

the actual cool part is when you then take that discourse for a spin and show what it actually can *do*

"hot demons are valid" is not a statement of fact about some natural phenomena of "hot demons" and "validity" (both socially-constructed) but a performative redefinition of each to qualify their relationship between one another (a relationship of inclusion: `:HotDemon a :ValidClass.`) with the end-goal of establishing a Discourse in which this relation is considered a part of Knowledge (presumably because it is useful for people seeking to deploy "hot demon" terminology that this relation exist)

i see takes as a largely performative mode of knowledge-production by which personal understandings are developed and community boundaries are negotiated

so it's hard to say i oppose them exactly

i do wish they were more honest about their actual intentions (the above) though

KIBI « maintains physical contact with her phone at all times » Gô

hot take but if your phone feels like a pager that you have to constantly babysit in case someone is in crisis, that's an unhealthy relationship

there is zero Rationality Culture and instead they keep the conversation casual and solely on (nevertheless intellectual/meritocratic) Pursuits and Interests. and to me that reads as VERY San Francisco young privileged elite. (Panic is from Portland but lbr here). we're not those Bad Capitalists, we're not hurting anyone, we're just Bettering Ourselves (by spending lots of money to create new products which we are then going to sell to you).


this is a bit fucked up because nowhere do they indicate that they actually have your interests at heart at all!! they're mostly just talking about themselves and their own egos!!

but look at how DIFFERENT the way they talk about themselves is to the mainstream (for the time being-ish)

this is a shift that started (i think) in the indie press scene (Matter, et al) and caught on pretty quickly in silicon valley app culture (or maybe it started there?) and has been radiating outward ever since

this works in the contemporary era because people are tired of being marketed to!! and they generally feel like they don't belong. they would much RATHER listen to someone just talking about something that interests them than trying to explain why YOU will enjoy this product.

and the invitation, « hey, come join us on this fun adventure » is refreshing, and makes them feel like they have personal worth beyond just being a cog in neoliberal capitalism