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contribute! to! the! culture! through! something! other! than! shitposts!

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not every trans lesbian has to be angsty you guys, gosh

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“but not before they give [you] respect first—expect it!”

respect your teachers
respect your mods

toot metrics are bad because it's not like anyone goes back and favs that toot from five months ago that they just now got

my are to make posts that nobody favs but everyone is still thinking about two weeks later while eating a donut ☕️🍩

one thing that's bad about modern neoliberal late capitalism is that having people who just know a bunch of shit is really good and important, but you can't exactly run a patreon for that

the goal wouldn't be just to have a blog, although i think that would be cool

the goal would be to have a resident expert on all the weird shit most people haven't ever looked into, and i think @KitRedgrave world be good at that

if i had a lot of money i would just hire @KitRedgrave to research various programming things and write informative blogposts about them

one of these days i'm going to wind up writing my own XML and HTML parsers aren't i

this joke the result of a college op-ed column with the tagline "from URL to IRL" and me thinking it was about web i18n

come meet me IRL:


i'm glad we have put those days behind us and are all full of positivity and earnest enthusiasm now

remember when the hot internet trend was leftist gameërs shitting on well-established elements of literary theory and criticism like death of the author or postmodernism without ever taking the time to understand them

the 3 genders Show more

is there a word for people who believe they have a right to contribute to your open source project just by virtue of them being white and male and right all the time Show more

isn't that the ben franklin

late to bed and early to rise,
skeletons only sleep between the hours of 3 and 5

it's okay to stay up late so long as you also get up early right??

who is this nerd on my feed who looks and sounds exactly like me but is making a bunch of trash posts

when u have that first sip of jasmine pearls 😭💮🍵

as far as things to be stuck in your head go, Janet Jackson is pretty good