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this is a separate request: if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!! (feel free to spread the word!)

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hi my name is Metroid Samus and i am oh so gay for you Legenda Zelda smootch smootch thanks for reading 100% original content no steal

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contribute! to! the! culture! through! something! other! than! shitposts!

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not every trans lesbian has to be angsty you guys, gosh

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it would be like an inverse Gyarados where it looks like it should be WATER type or WATER/DRAGON but instead it is just pure DRAGON and just happens to be coloured blue

if hydrogen was a pokémon it would be DRAGON type

iʼm making these toots and drawing these comparisons because i think a lot of people (NOT a subtoot of anyone; this is for you to determine, not me) spend a lot of time worrying and struggling against self‐doubt trying to reach some lofty ideal and

i think ‘okay, so iʼm at least Baseline Decent, now how can i Improve On That’ is not only a healthier approach but also pragmatically more effective in the long run

so these toots are some strategies I Have Used to get to that place

anyway beïng a decent person is something thatʼs obtainable and if shitheads who say fucked‐up crap without thinking can get paid to have their own TV shows, then just do better than that and youʼre right on the money as far as iʼm concerned here

it turns out just not saying racist or sexist or ableïst shit already puts you ahead of Most People and thatʼs literally the simplest, most basic thing,

iʼm not just beïng full of myself here,

me: iʼm not perfect and i donʼt do a whole lot but 99 days out of 100 the only harm i cause anyone is the occasional minor inconveniencing

me: *looks around* okay so iʼm already doing better than like 95% of the people here so,

kinda sad that the №1 thing that finally made us stop getting down on ourselves was beïng forced to come to terms with how shitty other people could be

help i canʼt shitpost about beïng 429 Throttled because iʼm 429 Throttled

a bot that just toots flower names

this is my excuse for thes Postes

i just got home and i am very Tired

like how hard is it to instead of saying ‘hbomberguy blah blah blah’

to say instead ‘hbomberguy, inventor of the word toot on the popular social media platform Mastodon, blah blah blah’

thatʼs all it would take to make me happy

we should all post the word toot in honour of that being the name of posts on this website thanks to hbomberguy thank you

i am posting this because i am seeing that name appear on my feed and am upset that none of the references are including this one very important fact which i know

literally all i know about hbomberguy is that they invented the word toot and that is also all i ever want to know

> nya!!
do you want play?
> nya!!
do you want cuddle?
> nya!!
do you want food?
> nya!!
do you want ignore?
> nya!!

this post is here and not on my fandom account because everyone who follows me there probably has already discerned this take from me just writing a whole bunch of it, lol

modern AU with outlawed homosexuality is such a Real genre imo

fuckin make the implicit explicit yk