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*bolin voice* well, thatʼs _politics_ but itʼs a completely different type of politics… hmm…

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specifically if you know of anybody who has written about race- and/or gender-based violence on fedi, dropping those links right here in my menchies would be 💯

microblogging threads don't count

only interested in things which were composed and published with intent as a referencable resource

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this is a separate request: if you're trans (any gender) and write stories with trans characters that are freely available online, send me links to your stuff!! i want to read them!! (feel free to spread the word!)

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hi my name is Metroid Samus and i am oh so gay for you Legenda Zelda smootch smootch thanks for reading 100% original content no steal

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contribute! to! the! culture! through! something! other! than! shitposts!

i think facebook thinks i'm a pregnant trans biker fashion mom

probably i would just try to translate it syllable by syllable into han characters and then read the result lol

i've been duolingoing enough that i can read 我也很高兴认识你 just fine but stick that in pinyin and i will be all what the FUCK

you: the hardest part of chinese is learning all the han characters!!

me: the hardest part of chinese is trying to read pinyin!!!

i want this community to mean something y'all!! but sometimes it feels like nobody else is even there

tired of being discontented and doubting my faith in this place t b q honest

the depressing read is always that this never happens simply because not many people are willing to get on board with me with those few basic principles. if you've been listening to me for the past year you know i've been working hard developing theories of oppression and debilitation to give y'all something more of an out. the best-case scenario would be just that y'all are too busy working with each other to have need of my partnership, but we all know that ain't happening right now lol.

but that said, if you DO believe those basic, fundamental things, i ABSOLUTELY am interested in working with you. i wear my abilities pretty wholly on my sleeve, so it's a little—to be expected?—but disheartening that i don't EVER see people up in my mentions—or anyone else's, for that matter—looking to Build. like are we a community or what?? where's the spirit of collaboration??

i'm loud about my beliefs and it's true that i don't ever want to partner up with someone who doesn't hold them. and by beliefs, i mean that: abuse is a problem; we should work to ensure the agency and safety of survivors of violence; all people deserve a liveable life. we might have different priorities, our lives might take us down different paths, our perspectives might diverge, that's all okay. but if you can't agree on those things, i'm out.

this is kitty "talk and let's build" "come together in the name of humanity" mogs, saying: don't fucking enable your friends

there is social GAIN to facing down common enemies

there is social COST to facing down common friends

never ever ever treat those two like the same thing or believe that someone's willingness to do the first says anything about how they will handle the second

never ever ever, even when that someone is you

ppl say they allies and on the right side but if you've never faced down that particular monster before… u ain't allies sorry tho

love to see folks facing down abusers when they're strangers but still waiting on the part where they do it when they're friends

« [←] Some people need to know they have somewhere else to go before they can make a complaint because they know a complaint might lead to them needing to leave. It might be assumed that to leave is to leave a problem behind you. My research suggests otherwise: leaving can be the effect of not putting problems behind you, and leaving (however hard or unchosen) can enable other ways of dealing with problems that are shared. »

« Many of those I have spoken to who went through with formal complaints did end up leaving their posts or programmes. This has something to tell us about the nature of this work: a complaint can make it hard (or in some cases impossible) to stay; a complaint can sever the connections you need to survive and thrive in an environment. Some people I have spoken to who put forward complaints only did so once they knew they were leaving: this also tells us so much about the nature of the work. [→] »

« [ ← ] But we can use the diagnosis to say something else about someone else. Perhaps the effort to stop some ways of acting is experienced by those who are acting in such ways as punishment in the sense of potentially depriving them of what it is that they want. »

« A common strategy for discrediting a complaint (and perhaps also feminism) is to suggest a complaint is motivated by the desire for punishment; a complainer is often treated not only as a killjoy, as being mean, against pleasure, but also as being punitive. The language of punishment is often used diagnostically, that is, as a way of explaining the psychology of the complainer. [ → ]»

« Procedures (also routines, habits) often direct us to make complaints about individuals, to somebody who can be held to account. But that does not mean that the institution is not the object of a complaint *from the complainer’s point of view.* »

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