what if we actually did @KitRedgrave@glitch.social's and what it was was you just share links to indie and self-published content on that day



+ blogposts
+ handcrafted HTML sites
+ old GeoCities pages
+ webrings
+ webzines

+ Medium/Tumblr posts
+ Toot/tweet threads
+ things published in formal publications (Slate, Times, Teen Vogue)
+ anything not archivable (eg, which must be accessed through a web app)
+ PDFs

tangent, recommendation 

@onethousandtwentyfour What about not-hand-crafted-but-still-static sites? I use templates (which I wrote myself by hand, admittedly) and a markdown converter to build tinyfairy.xyz. (There's some cgi stuff but it's silly toys and source is available so)

@keiyakins yeah i mean i use jekyll on a lot of my websites so that sort of thing is fine by me :P

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