what is the best cross-platform UI framework for accessible controls and text?? other than HTML i mean

like really my number 1 deterrent from ever building open source native software is

well, one, maintenance costs

but number TWO is cross-platform accessibility

i don't wanna go and learn this framework only to find out later oops a huge segment of people can't actually interface with this

@onethousandtwentyfour Qt probably if you're targeting desktops, it's wired to the native accessibility APIs on Windows, macOS, etc. and when i see a cross-platform native app in 2019 that's not a game or a 500 MB Electron piece of shit, it's usually Qt

if you're targeting phones... you're gonna build everything twice, that's how it works, sorry 😔

@RAOF every time i look at Qt it always just feels like a Lot

like that's not a criticism per se it's just a lot of thing

@onethousandtwentyfour It *is* A Lot.

It's basically a whole standard library, networking stack, UI stack, and so on.

You *might* find the QML languageish more to your liking?

It's a lot less C++-y and rather more JavaScript-y.

@RAOF okay so like,

suppose i don't want to work in C++ at all

does Qt have a C interface that i can import and call from or am i basically resigned to using their language and tools if i want to use their framework

i don't like working with big Projects or Creators or IDEs i just want code i can import and call to make things >:/

@onethousandtwentyfour Nope, no C interface.

If everything you want to do can be expressed in QML you pretty much *can* just use that (for an example close to home, a surprising amount of the Unity8 shell was QML), but I think there needs to be at least a minimal C++ file loading it up.

You could also use one of the other languages it's bound to; I understand that the Python bindings are pretty good, and there are a bunch of others:

@onethousandtwentyfour For cross-platform, you're stuck with either GTK2 (old) or Qt5 (enterprise-sized pain in the ass). Or winelib. That might not be a totally terrible idea.

Gtk3 is right out, they couldn't even be bothered making it cross-platform between linux desktops.

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