cis ppl spend their 20s founding startups

trans ppl spend their 20s (or 30s (or 40s (or…))) fighting with their bare hands through the whole of gender and language and society and building an entirely new model of the world from the remaining dust

gotta stop pretending those two experiences should be evaluated in remotely the same way

Trans people spend decades tunneling out of an abusive gaslighting relationship with *all of society*.

Respect these calluses and scars.

@onethousandtwentyfour Most people in general don't spend their 20s founding startups, that's rich people.

@Gyro huh! this is super true, and iʼm wondering what the unspoken context of this toot was which would make me miss that!

probably i was secretly subtooting my tech industry ex

based on the amount of activity this toot is getting suddenly now for some reason, evidently itʼs finding its target audience though

@Gyro anyway, yea, it's not a great toot, idk what people see in it

@Gyro oh! maybe i was subtooting my brother, who is not a rich person but is a white engineer backed by a state university

let's just say the two of us have had very different life trajectories

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