itʼs hilarious but also baffling to me how Shakespeare could write mostly genderqueer RPF and fanfiction and yet, even as Shakespeareʼs works literally created Modern English as we know it today, somehow those aspects are not claimed as foundational to English culture

half a year ago i read a pokémon fanfic which prominently featured crossdressing and i was like Yes THIS is what the English Language has been missing

this is the same fanfic that used the phrase « scuds of semen­‑white flowers, their sickly­‑sweet smell wafting » and iʼm honestly not sure if i will ever see that beat

maybe if you could stick it in iambic pentameter without corrupting the alliteration but

@onethousandtwentyfour the flowers, scuds all semen-white, they seemed
to spread their sickly sweet smell through the air


the floral scuds, all semen­‑white and spread
betwixt the forkèd branches, sickly sweet:
a wafting smell, now stour, and swiftly brought
upon oneʼs sensibilityʼs defeat

@onethousandtwentyfour Honestly one of the biggest signs in retrospect that Something Gendery was awakening in my years before I realized I was NB is the fact that, out of all the Shakespeare plays I've read (which, granted, is not all of them by a fair bit), Twelfth Night is the one that resonates with me the most.

@onethousandtwentyfour I own THREE COPIES of this play and STILL identified as cis until like 2 years ago!!

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