…is there actually a known number of possible chess games to play?? (assuming modern rules that mandate a draw in certain conditions, etc.)

@onethousandtwentyfour Technically it's infinite, because even with the mandatory draw rule there are still infinite loops you can get into, just multi-step ones.

If you rule out loops, though, there's only a finite number of states and so only a finite number of non-repeating sequences of states, so... I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be TOO hard to compute if you were willing to put like a few months into it...

... maybe...?

@gaditb i thought a loop was a draw condition?

there are a finite number of pieces and a finite number of spaces on the board so i assumed the fivefold repetition rule would end every game eventually

(i am not a chess expert)

@onethousandtwentyfour I thought it was just a move-response-undo-undo loop, and not anything more complicated?

Like, it would be hard to enforce, if it was, say, move-response-response-response-response-response-undo-undo-undo-undo-undo-undo, just on a counting level.

(But I also could be wrong.)

@gaditb this is the specific rule i am referencing (the draw only becomes mandatory after five times)

@onethousandtwentyfour Oh, no, I guess you're right.

Okay so it's definitely FINITE.,

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