« The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government. » wait what

in what universe has any citizen ever voluntarily submitted themselves to a form of government

that doesnʼt even make SENSE


that would require multiple coëxisting governments with sovereignty over the same land and complete freedom of people to choose which government they wished to be represented by and even THEN it would only be voluntarily selecting from a set of options

@djsundog @onethousandtwentyfour Diamond Age gets more into that than Snow Crash.

And.. also iirc has all that stuff about "well it still didn't work the way it would have been nice to, though, but it sure did establish an Aesthetic!".

@gaditb @onethousandtwentyfour true, though I really like Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong's franchise model of government.

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