i donʼt know how i feel about the Placebo track starting up this Celica/Mila FE:Echoes playlist gonna be real

mostly iʼm just wondering how we are going to get from here to King Princess

and also what King Princess track is going to drop

is it going to be “Pussy Is God”

ah, it is in fact “Holy”

which i theoretically appreciate for being marginally less on­‑the­‑nose, but lyrically i think is actually more dissonant

youʼre pinning “I rule with a velvet tongue | and my dress undone” on *CELICA*??!

and the bridge was Illuminated by Hurts

Celica is like, the straightedge emo whose idea of subversive behaviour is platonic cuddling under a blanket on the back of the school bus

but isnʼt afraid to say “fuck”

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