tfw Oxford Dictionary of English hasnʼt read Judith Butler


the “contextual and performative aspect of gender” is referring to the LINGUISTIC context in which gender is constructed and the LINGUISTIC performativity of gender smdh

“what is the difference between these two?? is it really such a big deal??”

point #1 suggests one HAS a gender, which one THEN performs

however, just as you cannot have a promise without first doing a promising, you cannot have a gender without FIRST doing a gendering

the performance PRODUCES the substance

this is what is meant by point #2

“you still didnʼt explain if it was a big deal”

well if gender is (re)produced by DOING a gendering

it stands to reason that by doing gendering differently (or not at all), we can then change or disrupt the gender which results

that IS a big deal, yeah

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