more weird behaviour: my logged­‑in theme applies for “with replies” but not for my main profile page

the main profile page actually has the Mastodon logo, which it *shouldnʼt* since weʼre running

is this like, some kind of weird cacheing / precompiled assets bug?

you: uhhhh itʼs okay i guess

me, zooming in to maximum: look at this shit!!!!!

ugh yʼall iʼm still gay for the design of my JOURNAL, page 04

yʼever need to log on just to sketch something out real fast for your JOURNAL

more fe3h 

tfw Oxford Dictionary of English hasnʼt read Judith Butler

i added this out of my own curiosity but i doubt iʼll remove it in the final copy, because why would i?

you: that seems like a pretty big difference!!

me: you havenʼt even SEEN what they say about the <cite> tag

for reference, W3C HTML 5.2 (now basically obsoleted) says:

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