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yr FAV, @onethousandtwentyfour@weirder.earth

it is simultaneously kind of terrible that you have to do this and kind of cool that you are able to though

do you ever just open up a PDF which is Extremely LaTeX

each of the non­‑monospace fonts has 7 weights (with the exception of Rounded-X which has 6) and each of the monospace fonts has 5 (with the exception of Rounded-X which has 4)

there are A Lot of M+ fonts

oh hey, congratulations to Rounded M+ for graduating from the Google Fonts beta and into the mainstream


M+ is one of my favourite font­‑families ever so Iʼm super into this

what the hell ass balls was i on when writing this

look at how large the line spacing is in Harry Potter in order to keep their line count under 30 while maintaining a centred typeblock lol

this is an alternate approach; you can just set your line height at 1.5 to take up that extra vertical space

and hereʼs the Largetype version (17pt Charis SIL on A4) for sake of comparison by those of you who donʼt like so many words on a line

Standard (my preferences) vs Trade (publishing industry) layouts for comparison

drew some meowth and bun representation at dinner

current status: brushing off that old-ass stylesheet i wrote way back when i was in college and actually knew how LaTeX worked

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both of these characters (the left and right halves, not the full glyph, which remains at U+2720) will also be added, it appears (from unicode.org/L2/L2019/19076r-n5 )