@Gyro oh! maybe i was subtooting my brother, who is not a rich person but is a white engineer backed by a state university

let's just say the two of us have had very different life trajectories

@Gyro anyway, yea, it's not a great toot, idk what people see in it

@Gyro huh! this is super true, and iʼm wondering what the unspoken context of this toot was which would make me miss that!

probably i was secretly subtooting my tech industry ex

based on the amount of activity this toot is getting suddenly now for some reason, evidently itʼs finding its target audience though

@leftie Freaky Eyes always makes me think of NITW “Nightmare Eyes”

@leftie i think i've tooted about it before

and i'm sure you'll recognize the name Mutant Standard

@leftie if i did i would put on Garden of Delete by Oneohtrix Point Never and forget all about it

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Monthy Display Name Poll [Sept 2019] 

@KitRedgrave i'm increasingly believing that the only UI that any computer needs is a terminal window and a heckinʼ good text editor

iʼm still of the opinion that those two should be separate though

re: Masto admins, question~ 

Masto admins, question~ 

re: "hey you studied gender, what's your take on masculinity discourse???" 

re: "hey you studied gender, what's your take on masculinity discourse???" 

new account update: 

@calm oh itʼs just a Background-Position: Fixed with well-designed Linear-Gradient()s, some aesthetic borders, and magic with floats

you can read more about the style here: <style.u2764.com/notebook/>

The Continuïng Tale of Instance Search 2K19 

The Continuïng Tale of Instance Search 2K19 

@djsundog extra good because the solution to this problem is just to delete all viral content >:P

@numen this is really good and also reminding me how completely out-of-practice i am with my spanish

personal; references abuse 

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