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yr FAV, @onethousandtwentyfour@weirder.earth

you ever look up the lyrics on genius and theyʼre just, wrong,

just gonna commit to being depressed after writing this next piece

just gonna like, sleep for a week,

sooooo much social interaction today

@witchfynder_finder adds mouthfeel mainly?? like it comes from french mirepoix and it basically creates a soft chewy vegetable base (in addition to your carrots and onion) that you can then build your soup off of

if you didn't have the celery you would either have Too Much Carrot or Not Enough Plant and you would end up with Broth instead of Soup

i don't normally comment on current events but they're really asking for it with this one huh

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my birthday is in two weeks and i have a patreon

rhetoric around psychiatric terms, ableism Show more

rhetoric around psychiatric terms, ableism Show more

also, addressing your disagreements with assholes to your followers, who probably already agree with you, is likely not THAT beneficial in the long run, and you can usually just ignore the former and hug the latter and get on with your day if you really want

anyway i hope y'all find a place where you have discourses which are beneficial and useful to you and which you are comfortable deploying and using, so that i can see the product of all that hard work instead of just loud confrontational statements of definition on my timeline