@hope @witchfynder_finder that's the reference, actually (there's a line in One Week that goes "i have a history of losing my shirt" and they're Canadian so it stands to reason)

(i did not literally think they wrote a lyric about it though)

@witchfynder_finder being a white person in the Pacific Northwest is like that

sometimes your life just sounds like a Barenaked Ladies lyric and there's Nothing you can do

in case you were wondering where i have been:

1) gentle.town is down atm as our admin is taking a vacation from the interwebs

2) i have been persisting in the quiet and weird space of @kibimon in the interim

public toot pages are also using the old theming and not my logged-in styles

more weird behaviour: my logged­‑in theme applies for “with replies” but not for my main profile page

the main profile page actually has the Mastodon logo, which it *shouldnʼt* since weʼre running friend.camp

is this like, some kind of weird cacheing / precompiled assets bug?

@noelle yeah it doesnʼt thread it which is really weird; the icon is the “this is a reply from another person” not “this is a thread” and it doesnʼt do the “show thread” for me here

@noelle Likely you are only seeing posts which someone has interacted with / after someone has interacted with them, which causes them to federate successfully

specific observed behaviour:

Unlisted/Public posts will not federate; Followers-Only/Direct posts will

If a Followers-Only post mentions a public post, then it WILL federate as part of the context

Unlisted/Public mentions fail to deliver and give a “remote data could not be fetched” 503 error

federation appears to be broken on gentle.town specifically for public and unlisted (but not followers-only or direct) toots, running Mastodon 3.0

does ANYBODY have any idea what might be up there??

psa my gentle.town account is now @LadyM; g.t died and was reborn so you'll have to refollow

@witchfynder_finder yeah it's like, the one good example of a social media evolving to fit its community

@witchfynder_finder it tried to be a facebook replacement and a bunch of artists and designers picked it up and everybody else bounced so they just ran with that instead

it's still around and very niche

@witchfynder_finder only slightly more seriously, i think all the aesthetic social media trailblazers are still on Ello

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