duolingo, i don't want to hear your dystopian facts about how sweden is full of refugees and there are not enough native irish speakers, okay

i guess writer/rider would be a more concise way of putting this merger

i already knew this was true for T and D so this makes sense

TIL my accent probably doesn't distinguish CH and J on unstressed syllables

bold of my brain to assume that christianity only bothered concerning itself with those things relevant to the life of Christ

last night i dreamt that rather than being an integral part of abrahamic religion, marriage was actually an entirely separate religious tradition that only merged with christianity in the context of post-Enlightenment America

@giantessgnostic i am intrigued by your use of 🆚

i don't play D&D; are differing character alignments typically a source of conflict? (i assumed parties typically consisted of members from across the spectrum—which would imply that differing alignments can get along [like i said i have no personal experience here])

send me your favourite Modern Standard Mandarin vocal musicians

TIL in the category of « pet names for Margaret »: Daisy

WHY would you ever let THEM own your recordings i mean come ON

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