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teach straight white boys how to take selfies that donʼt look like mark zuckerberg

tired: i am obligated to do good for people because otherwise i am a bad, evil person

wired: the stakes are rigged such that emphasizing a personal responsibility to help others winds up distracting from the greater systemic issues which endangered them in the first place, and honestly, fuck that noise

inspired: the stakes are rigged and fuck that noise but honestly nothing i do matters on a scale of 8 billion people anyway so i might as well help some people while iʼm still here

in case you were wondering iʼm still working on that Makefile

$$(call stylenames,$(2)):: %: $$(if $$(NOARCHIVE),$$$$(call everything,$(1),$$$$*,$(3),$(4)),$$$$(call stylezip,$(1),%))

i just typed "proletarian" into Bulbapedia instead of Meowth and that's all you need to know about me

« Never allow people to pass judgments. Judgements are worthless. »

wow DoA is just… pulling out all of the stops huh

this project has two Gist git submodules and that's a good approach i think

that number may increase

“you canʼt stop people from submitting Pull Requests” GitHub said

“just watch me” i said

« How often have you passed up on utilizing and contributing to a great software library just because its open source license was not compatible with your own preferred flavor of open source? » never

i tried really hard to get this smaller than a kibi but i think 1383 is the best i can do

i will never understand what wikipedia does and does not consider notable information

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