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currently wondering if me being exhausted in June for no good reason is a function of years of schooling and my brain being wired to overexert itself in late winter and early spring and then chill the fuck out for like a month afterwards

internet people, have you ever considered that maybe this conversation isn't about who is wrong and who is right

You Have The Power to decide which voices you elevate and which cultures you cultivate

and if you want a movement to look a certain way, thatʼs something you should take seriously and actually organize around imo

if you want leftists to stop valuing Theory and Debate the first step is to stop giving them YouTube views and Twitter RTs for their Theories and Debates yo iʼm just saying

it's amazing how many people think i'm cool given that online i'm only at, like, 20% intensity

« Corporations are trying to sell Pride back to queer people when it’s something we originally had to take. »

(from )

sleepy U+1F9D1 🧑 ADULTs
in a sleepy U+1F310 🌐 GLOBE WITH MERIDIANS

(interestingly it looks like U+00B7 MIDDLE DOTs *other* than the first *do* terminate hashtags: ·excluded

i have no fucking clue why this is)


Mastodon evidently includes (at least the first??) U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT in hashtags; use U+2027 HYPHENATION POINT to separate hashtags from affixes

why does my avi look more ‧ed now that it ISNʼT meowth

me: being depressed SUCKS

me: okay but what about being incredibly low-energy all the time, but NOT depressed


me: okay yeah this also sucks

me: *puts on an album which always makes me think of my ex*

me, 45mins later: why am i suddenly thinking about my ex?! 🤔

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