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no CGI

just lots of live footage of dogs with voiceovers saying what they're thinking

if Disney doesn't make a live-action Lady and the Tramp in the style of 90's-era talking pet movies, what even was the point tbh

is there actually a meaningful difference between cringe and squick or is that just people finding reasons to hate each other once again

i hold a different opinion about maths than many. it is my opinion that 1+1=2.

i've played Breath of the Wild, i know these are the Two Flavours

why the hell do people exchange hot and cold takes when they could be exchanging ones which are spicy and icy

imagine making an argument against futurity

and then writing it down in a book

you: i've got it!!
you: if everyone just follows THIS SPEC
you: all of our computer communications problems will be solved!!
me: yes but have you considered,
me: nobody ever follows the spec




i remember someone saying that semantic HTML was still "theoretical" because it isn't actually represented in the accessibility tree for things without dedicated ARIA roles, but it has a huge impact in all of those other areas though

custom user stylesheets, things like reader view, etc, support for different kinds of browsers like lynx, are all important accessibility topics that have nothing to do with the tree itself

the accessibility tree is obviously an important part of accessibility online but i am kind of frustrated how ALL of accessibility tends to get reduced to just the tree

anyway if for some godawful reason you actually WANT that kind of responsibility and power, the answer is just to become an instance admin, lol

it's responsibility and work but just as there is nothing stopping rich people from just giving away all their money if the pressures of wealth become too onerous, there is nothing stopping popular mastos from just deleting their accounts and starting over

strangely, i never see people doing that, though

mastodon has better influencers than other social media but they're still influencers

power WANTS to consolidate in the hands of the few at expense of the many; you have to actively resist it if you find yourself getting popular

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