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i donʼt know how i feel about the Placebo track starting up this Celica/Mila FE:Echoes playlist gonna be real

itʼs like my toots tho where it doesnʼt really fit under a pol CW so folks donʼt get it

i agree with geo that Cinemetropolis is way more politically focused and sharp than their previous albums

having kids makes you a grownup!!! but 32 is not old!!

what is it about 2019 and people thinking “grownup” and “old” are synonyms

you: but that doesnʼt—

me: i know, but understand that the goal of the medical­‑industrial complex under modern neoliberal capitalism is to coerce you to conceive of and construct your identity as an individual through their framework, such that every act of personal agency and self­‑actualization you take necessarily will travel through their markets and thus function to their benefit

you: but what if—

me: when has a medical procedure for increasing the biological conformance of oneʼs body to expected scientific norms EVER been introduced to a society without an accompanying normative pressure for all relevant bodies to then undergo that procedure??

this has been “Foucaultian Biopolitics 101” thank you for coming to my ted talk

life was a lot easier when you could just say you were a vampire on the internet and have people believe you

smdh NOBODY would respect my VAMPIRE KINFEELS unless i got this MEDICAL PROCEDURE to make me GROW FANGS but now it requires monthly BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS or else i DIE and my HEALTH INSURANCE decided that they arenʼt going to COVER IT since it is “COSMETIC”

so basically iʼm FUCKED help a girl out

you: did you just meow

me, meowing: did you just blablabla

if things werenʼt normalized, we would have no need to resist them!!

when people interpret normativity as acceptance

hey yo when the apocalypse comes, people wonʼt have time to sit around locked away in their rooms writing hefty tomes, and it will fall to each and every one of us to keep the vast and varied traditions of human storytelling alive

no time like the present to start practicing, yeah?

y'ever see a thread which makes a point you agree with but which has some really unnecessary and poorly-reasoned detours on the path to get there

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