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so far, and this isnʼt a callout, all the art iʼve see has been pretty <del>bland</del><del>passé</del><delf>square</del>normal?

whereʼs that weird radical shit hiding at yo??

where are the real comrades at from this latest artistʼs migration

at that point where i'm not looking for romance but i am looking for people with whom romance might eventually bloom someday

“you still didnʼt explain if it was a big deal”

well if gender is (re)produced by DOING a gendering

it stands to reason that by doing gendering differently (or not at all), we can then change or disrupt the gender which results

that IS a big deal, yeah

“what is the difference between these two?? is it really such a big deal??”

point #1 suggests one HAS a gender, which one THEN performs

however, just as you cannot have a promise without first doing a promising, you cannot have a gender without FIRST doing a gendering

the performance PRODUCES the substance

this is what is meant by point #2

the “contextual and performative aspect of gender” is referring to the LINGUISTIC context in which gender is constructed and the LINGUISTIC performativity of gender smdh

tfw Oxford Dictionary of English hasnʼt read Judith Butler

why did i just spend 15 minutes composing a 12 line poem in iambic tetrameter as a counterpoint to a screenshot i saw someone post in a hashtag timeline i follow

also The Regrettes is an amazing name for a riot grrrl band and how was it not already taken

« I think the difference in being a 14- or 15-year-old [compared] to being an 18-year-old is a lot of sh*t changes » thanks Lydia

mostly from the perspective of people raised under General American going “what.”

i'm gay for people who can write sequences of short sentences without any flourish or decoration because lol

not me lol

do you ever just read some totally plain and innocuous writing and be like damn why canʼt i write like that

Celica is like, the straightedge emo whose idea of subversive behaviour is platonic cuddling under a blanket on the back of the school bus

but isnʼt afraid to say “fuck”

ah, it is in fact “Holy”

which i theoretically appreciate for being marginally less on­‑the­‑nose, but lyrically i think is actually more dissonant

youʼre pinning “I rule with a velvet tongue | and my dress undone” on *CELICA*??!

and the bridge was Illuminated by Hurts

mostly iʼm just wondering how we are going to get from here to King Princess

and also what King Princess track is going to drop

is it going to be “Pussy Is God”

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