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i strongly encourage anyone pondering the future of radical software to look at the conversations debating openness and monetization which have been going on in minority artistic communities for the past decades though

they also hilariously expose all the people who are nominally communist but who think that labourers creating value but keeping none of it for themselves is instead of capitalism in its most extreme form, but tbf i have less of a stake in the capitalist/communist divide

the free software debates happening right now are great because they very quickly expose all the nominally leftist individuals who value abstract notions of liberty over such things as agency, freedom from violence, and life

i… donʼt think i can read smut written by a « Modern Day Knight-Errant »

…iʼm sorry

« Incineroar’s purple costume resembles the character Big the Cat » you donʼt say

remembering bea being all like “it's super easy, i just push some buttons and connect some things together, i donʼt really even do any work” and me being like “okay but see i HATE that though”

people ask me why if i am so good at programming and computers i donʼt ever try to do more self-hosted or sysadminy stuff and the answer is this toot

things i like: designing, editing, writing

things i hate: configuring programs, performing complex operations on a computer

things sysadmins do:

i feel like this is a nonzero number of friends

i'm defining a "passive crush" as when you're not actively interested in them but when it's late at night and they message you, you have to stop yourself from getting unbearably rambly and sappy and maybe you almost say "i love you" even though you know it's just the exhaustion talking

how many of my friends do i have like, passive crushes on

iʼm sure my internet arguments look completely pointless to bystanders, too

like idgaf but i want to know exactly what these words are doing and why and how and the reasons why they make me respond a particular way

but itʼs not the sort of knowledge you can put into words exactly and that is VERY frustrating for me

iʼm like 60–80% sure itʼs a red flag, and that the authorial voice betrays a certain mindset which makes itself known through diction and affective emphases and turns of phrase

but that stuff is largely extralinguistic and hard to pin down so itʼs not like i can point to one phrasal construction and say THIS means THIS

itʼs more the overall flow and shape of the words betrays some manner of underpinning sinister machination

which as a writer is REALLY FRUSTRATING because i WANT TO UNDERSTAND

especially for something as linguistically vague as word choice and use of swears

iʼm almost positive it bothers me because it reminds me of my ex but what i am NOT positive about is whether that is just a negative association or an actual red flag

me: this BOTHERS me
me: *closes tab*
me: but WHY does it bother me????
me: *reopens tab*

i get to make spicy takes on this account because it isn't my main anymore

( is currently under maintenance)

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