posting this again on a not-dead account:

I want someone to start a community, cooperative wireless ISP in seattle.

I don't have the energy to do it myself. what I do have is lots of excess bandwidth.

wobscale will, at no charge, provide transit to a co-op with the purpose of providing residential internet access to underserved areas of seattle (those that do not currently have plentiful gigabit-to-the-home options).

I also, like, ran a WISP in a past life, so you can pick my brain about it too.


@iliana I would be interested in hearing more of your experiences.

I've had the same idea, but I don't have the network experience. I can do pretty much everything else, but networking is opaque to me.

That said, I know @baxil has experience in the field, but he's not local.

I'm not committing to owning it, but if there's enough group drive to do it, I can help.

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@orrery @baxil most of the energy I think we would need is folks willing to do the legwork (mostly convincing property owners) to get backbones and nodes set up, and getting the money for hardware. the technical part is comparatively easy.

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