All right.
I want a bunch of us to get together and write
an epic, 7-novel fantasy series, set in an all-new fantasy world with its own roles and magic.
Where maybe we kill off 50% of the cast because, well ,they're having some really bad troubles. Famine n' maybe some war n' stuff.

and //the women come out on top//

and there is no rape.

And the only people sold into marriages are men.

No dying in childbirth, either.

What d'ya say?


@aldersprig How about nobody gets sold into a marriage but there's a lot of arranged political marriages for regional stability that go to hell because people have emotional lives and deserve happiness, so folks are going to have to just figure out how to talk through their damn problems.

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Also: that's how things shook out with the Habsburgs, kinda, after all--it sure didn't prevent WWI.

@orrery I can deal with that as long as they're well-gender-balanced.

@aldersprig With some poly relationships and non-binary participants. ^v^

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