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I made this and decided not to use it, so if anyone wants a background, here you go.

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If you ever see the #MascMonday tag and wonder if it’s for you, or if you should participate, well: It is, and you should


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Do you want to support queer farmers? Do you like looking at butts? Pre-order a 2020 Queer Farmer Convergence Calendar here to help us raise funds for next year's conference and other amazing projects!

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@ox the part of the mustache you can see is the fruiting body, which can detach without harm to the deep roots in order to reattach to a new host

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my sexuality is straight up Gone and it’s left me feeling nothing watching intense make-out scenes, freeing me up to imagine the mustache switching faces by the end

which is funniest thing in the fucking world to me right now, help

i’m not really here, mastodon is still crashing the shit out of my phone browser while overheating my phone and draining the battery, but i live and miss you all. most of you. several of you for sure

where did my sexuality go? ... well who knows, maybe in 10 years it’ll make another fleeting appearance

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hi everyone, if you are new to mastodon, please go to your settings, then the "other" category, then turn off search engine indexing. it's a safety feature that makes it a little bit harder for strangers to find your posts.

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is there anyone in the fedi who's been diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder and is willing to share their experiences? i've been wondering if i have it.


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Here are some examples of
pαnawάhpskewi (penobscot) and other wabanaki double curve designs. This was our traditional writing style/art form before colonization. Each symbol tells a story and has its own meaning which is also different depending on the context its used in.

movies, ptsd (+) 

... i may have become someone who enjoys musicals

mh (-, +) 

mh (-) 

mh? dissociation? 

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