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what does science know, they can’t even pronounce “gamma” right

dad posting 

fucking american neurotypicals think i’m making fun of my dad’s accent whenever i quote him or pronounce things correctly

listen, just because you losers only have one accent doesn’t mean i won’t kick your ass

On not talking to Nazis 

punks are a necessary refusal of consumer culture, representing the possibility of art, care, and support within an alienating system. that punk has itself become a brand of lifestyle consumption only necessitates a reimagining of aesthetics or action, not the disavowal of punk as an ideal. what im saying is, queering punk is a necessary and valuable social and spiritual pursuit.

Trump gov't websites erasing #transgender folk 

cat, caps 

slice of life 

"Dating tip: if a guy tells you he’s not very political, he’s conservative but has learned that won’t get him laid"

Oh look another question, is it annoying when text is put on a new line
Like instead of ending with a full stop
Like I'm doing now?

mh (-), writing (+) 

On not talking to Nazis 

mh (-) 


sam elliott posting 

Do you love giving away your extra money? I love staying alive and recouping and rebuilding a life stolen by Nazi scum! 🙌



Could you help me with some pain relief for my chronic pain, plz?

Meds don't really work in this case. :\

I'm a 34 disabled year old unemployed person with Multiple Sclerosis among other things, and my PayPal is temporarily (I hope!) blocked, so I added some things to my wishlists that would help me regarding my back and legs:



Thank you for your help (boosts included, ofc, as they count, a LOT!). :blobheart:
#ShowUpForWishes #NeedHelp

Im a queer, and you're into it. (Selfie, no eye contact)

plea to register to vote in the UK elections 

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