tbh hearing/reading aphantasic autistic abstract thinkers talk about the experience of how their memory works was huge to me in recognizing that was me too.

Like, if you'd asked me two years ago I'd say that my memory just works fundamentally differently from literally everyone else's. It was one of the little ways that I was weird. And I mostly loved that about myself! But since starting to really dig into culture this year I feel like I run into someone every other week who describes that experience the same way.

@paideuomai Do you do the thing where you sort of think in a graph?

I don't store all the sensory data, can't remember visuals, exact words, etc. Instead, in the moment I tend to store a semantic snapshot that's much lossier.

But! It _immediately_ integrates with the rest of my cognitive models, or "throws an error" e.g. intuitively and precognitively I can tell the information I just received does not quite fit, so either it or my model is wrong.

And my recall is amazing!


@mykola Oh hey, I didn't know you still hung out over here! Your interview on the Actually Autistic Podcast is what reminded me of this thread today.

100% with you on the storing a lossy semantic snapshot and the super quick recognition of when something fits. It means coherency in a software abstraction is super important to me, which is both a blessing and a curse ;-)

@mykola I do think of my memory like a graph, but I get there through an odd sort of way. The actually-remembering-things part of it is so intuitive to me that I hadn't really abstracted it on my own. But then a friend who knows me really well (and who thinks very differently) described my memory in terms of boxes connecting strings, so that remembering one box pulls on all the little connected strings. And I said YES! Like a graph!

@mykola My friend is not a computer person. The graph analogy was lost on her ;-)

@paideuomai haha, yep. And yeah I lurk sometimes! I basically doubled down on twitter once my autism stuff got visible there, and I've been in a bit of a holding pattern lately, but I like to swing by and see how stuff's going sometimes! :)

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