Guys I need some help, I dont know what kind of trans to call myself to communicate properly. I know how I feel Im just bad with terms. :trans_heart:

trans terms help please 

@PentagramPip genderqueer, maybe? a lot of genderqueer folks i know don't limit their expression to just male-passing and tend to express a lot of different sides of gender

@paideuomai @gentlerdarknesses

as long as other trans and queer people can understand me, im ok. Having that will give me more confidence to draw parallels with other aspects of my experience to people who dont understand my gender. Theyll relate to me better that way than if I perfectly define the terms. But if people living the same thing as me dont understand my words, im not using them right. Its how i see it I guess.


@PentagramPip Totally understandable. The trans world varies in acceptance of nonbinary people. We've got corners that are really awesome about nonbinary acceptance and some that are really honestly kinda shitty about it.

I hope I don't come across as lecturing. You've probably run into some of both. I guess I'm just trying to validate your experience and reassure you that while there are some shitty people even in the trans world, there are good folks too.

/ @gentlerdarknesses

@paideuomai @gentlerdarknesses
You don't come across as lecturing, I like clear answers!!!! 👍 :ms_grinning:

I keep thinking lately, reality is just as much in each others heads as it is in physical space. Some people dont want my mind "tainting" their reality with my fuzzy gender hat. I dont want them in my head either tbh.

But to someone whos not a gender tyrant its important to me to connect to them. :daffodil: :pigblanket:

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