this episode of iDoze podcast features what that can be improvised on a phone with an app called reactable .. since ppl can now upload fragments of sounds via mastodon wondering what can be done as collaboration

iDoze(podcast): + [yellofier [cajon, congabongo], etc]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

i pretty much like the result of this rendering featuring my hanamura -bass .. if you dont agree plz click the pic instead n enjoy the relaxing video some has uploaded to youtube ;D

iDoze(podcast):"cows at the coast") + [hanamura, yellofier [cajon, congabongo]]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

so am gettin used to hackin the panorama mode of my cheap android phone

well yes it's true .. i still couldn't manage myself to switch from twitter to mastodon .. using to post the same thing to both .. and as a result mastodon became a copy of the rss.xml of my podcast .. maybe i should simply jump into the local timeline more to see whats going on

iDoze(podcast):"boxed japanese curry"))) + - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

The Influx of Cashless Stores in NYC - The Influx of Cashless Stores in NYC. Episode: Media: <p>The AP's Ken Sweet, who covers banks and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, joins us to di.... Sent from Podcast Republic.

Summer Roundup: Best Podcasts. Episode: Media: <p>Eliana Dockterman of <em>Time Magazine</em> and Nick Quah of Vulture and <a href="https://hotpodn.... Sent from Podcast Republic.

iDoze(podcast): - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast):"engu's harumaki") - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast):"pulse-beat en yoyogi")) [percs, hascillators]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast): [perc, hascillators]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast): [kathytomcymbals, trumpone]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast): Mr.Scoops) [kathyd, tomcymbals]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast):"this hypocritical twitter id") monkeebass.wavs) -

iDoze(podcast):"a_tiger_en_kichijoji") [csound, [cajon, runhaskell Zero2019090501.hs]]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast):"read you a cigasmell")) [cajon, runhaskell Zero2019090501.hs]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast):"take the route mitsui-no-mori instead") [drumsolo_en_studio_e, darabuka]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

iDoze(podcast): [oil.Fart(horn), oil.Nucs()]) - namaste-sarigama.ssl-lolipop.j

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