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My 11 year old wants to play gay monster dating sims. I know such things exist, but finding things reasonable for an 11 year old seems trickier.

Does anyone have any recommendations? :boost_ok:

My goal is to avoid stuff that's too graphic. Teen-stuff is fine, but nothing that's 18+.

They're trying the demo of GENDERWRECKED right now.

VEXT EDIT has lots of Baba Is You feelings, in terms of rules being manipulated in the same way that the environment is manipulated. (Although less in the meta sense of Baba, or the sausage game.)

It repeats itself a tiny bit, doesn't explain some changes in the last zone, and doesn't quite explore some mechanics (red holes!) as much as I would have liked.

However, still very worth my time to play through and would recommend to anybody who enjoyed Baba or puzzle games.

I have negative infinity desire to go work at a company making a launch title for a new console, but there's still some adjacent envy for somebody quitting work to do such.

the tension between how much my non-binary partner hates the word enby and how much I want to make enne-by puns

eneby dark'ness dementia ikea bluetooth speaker way

The most compelling argument against simulationism is that nobody has discovered a way where if you catch a bug in a bottle, then release it, then catch it again, you can warp into a room that has the same ID as the one you’re trying to walk into plus one

I commissioned a logo for my side project cactbot and I am so pleased with how cute it is.

The Tapir-Wolf Hypothesis, which suggests that a person's fursona affects their worldview and cognition,

I like mastodon because I follow a lot of people and I don't think any of them think cops are good

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venting about the whole Isabel Fall debacle 

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