language ambiguity and earthquake warning system 

language ambiguity and earthquake warning system 

... and the reason i wanted it was to post some writing anyway, so we could just get a domain and set up web server and post to that. We did have our eye on one again... but we’re so bad at maintaining that stuff. Like once or twice a year that feels like fun but then we stop maintaining it and it breaks...

otoh if we set up the little pi-kins again i could attempt a pleroma instance, which was another thing we were thinking about ...

we discovered last night that we somehow managed to lose our keys to (sigh, bad... i didn’t apparently have sufficient backups of dot directories where i’d stashed keys). pretty sure they’re in a backup image of the little pi-kins somewhere but that’d mean finding the image and then copying it to pikins and that feels like a lot of work. on the other hand maybe it’d force me to use little pi-kins again, it’s not being used now.

Martian vacay nonse / food, booze 

but srsly a fictional travelogue - - of interplanetary travel??

yes yes yes yes pls!

interplanetary vacy nonse 

see this is the problem with faith-based propulsion systems; if you superposition them in the same reality subset without sufficient shielding, you get an incompatibility reaction, which almost always produces at least some bleed or burst of erisian particles.



needed new audio book so started listening to Saturn’s Children by charles stross.

per usual habit, i have read this one before listening. i remember thinking it pretty original when i read it. but after having been on fedi for a while i sorta wonder if he just hung out on some of the more fun instances and wrote what he saw— srsly i have met some of the characters in this book.

oh but it is quite lewd sometimes, more than i remembered! so maybe approach cautiously if that is not your cuppa.

<3 music / weather 

dear weather, you are being *so good right now*, thank you! we 💙 !
more gentle soft air and some rain and some sun and this breeze!! you're so good right now

prin <3 music 

prin <3 music 

while walking back from coffee i saw a medical professional in all black scrubs come out of the hospital and go for a walk. please tell me gothdoctor works in the morgue 🖤 🖤

one thing that helped this afternoon was setting email (protonmail) to not group messages or threads.

apparently i find it less stressful and more comprehensible to just see everything un-threaded, un-grouped, single messages, in reverse order of arrival, youngest at the top.

the place i live right now, i really have never lived anywhere like this before, where us neighbors all know each other and for the most part like and care about each other. it also has probably more lgbtq tenants than not, which is again pretty exceptional, even for a place on capital hill. we have parties, we watch each other’s pets, we care for each other when things go sideways. it’s something fantastically special, and i wish the whole world was more like this little tiny community 💙

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