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Day 14. La plaine du cul-de-sac (seriously, that's its name), its salt lakes, and the Dominican Republic's from part way up the Morne à Cabrits (Goat Mountain).

Day 15. A bougainvillea blossom.

Day 16. The team I've been in 🇭🇹 to train.

Day 17: the view from the back of the training centre. I spent almost all my time indoors since we were there with a job to do, but this was a nice spot for breaks.

Day 18. My last evening in 🇭🇹 (was actually Wednesday, but with a long travel day yesterday I'm still catching up with myself)

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Day 20. The Too Many Adjectives Moon, a.k.a. that time I stood on the balcony for a while and just barely managed not to yell "WHY AREN'T YOU FOOLS LOOKING AT THE MOON?" at passersby.

Day 21. Thinking about Victoria again, so here's a particularly memorable section of trail on one of the bike tours we've done starting from there.

Day 23. Simple comforts at the office.

Day 24. Orchids at the Wise Orchid Taiji studio.

Day 27. There's always one. This year the overachiever is so enthusiastic that it's out before the crocuses have even started budding.

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Day 29. I did have a little time to pick up some souvenirs in Haiti, and this is my favorite of the things I brought back.

Day 31. My commute has its moments.

Day 32. My commute's not always so beautiful. Today I was grateful for things like waterproof clothing, indoor bike parking, and having had the presence of mind to pack a change of socks on an otherwise very disorganised morning.

Day 33. Temporary art on the downtown viaduct that closed to cars a few weeks ago and we'll finally be getting rid of altogether over the next few months.

Day 36. Benaroya Hall, from last weekend which had been unusually good for getting to hear interesting music live.

Day 37. Somehow we have bred the super daffodil, immune to burial under snow.

Day 38. Frozen pond. [Sorry Midwesterners, East coasters, inland Canadians: this is a novelty round here]

Day 40. We got home from the bar last night and found a public utilities crew doing some emergency surgery on the lovely big tree on our corner. Weighted down by snow, it was resting on a power line and smouldering alarmingly.

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Day 41. This smug little fellow.

prin @prin

@eldang we saw this jaunty fellow today, along with some animals...