I've done nothing but ignore the flower garden at our new place and this seems to be going well

(photos of a brightly blooming pink hydrangea and red rose)

i was away for a while to hike some mountains and pet some goats, but i'm back now

moving chatter 

picrew (rude hand gestures) 

moving chatter 

it's too late at night for me to do fine motor control tasks that require concentration but i sure did bungle a whole bunch of paper trying to hand-letter some cute housewarming invites for the neighbors :x

i'm gonna put this down and try again tomorrow

housing tdl 

today's shenanigans:

"i need to get this five-gallon bucket to my new place. will it fit in my bicycle pannier?"

the answer is: YES

unplugged some more stuff and got it down to .46 kWh! we're getting a radon vent installed soon, which will make it hard to take that number much lower

my partner, who is an experienced backpacker, is trying to plan a trip to fit into some time between deadlines and wants to get out west, but we don't know much about the environment/weather out there, so any advice is welcome, even if it's just 'i heard people do this thing near me sometimes'!

hey fediverse, does anyone have ideas for a 10ish day hike somewhere in the western part of north america that's doable in mid-late october without getting into mountaineering gear? (freezing temps and a little bit of snow is okay, but not serious ice/snowpack)

(boosts welcome)

just installed seek! gonna be a great thing for crawling around my new yard trying to figure out my immediate ecosystem!

(taking a deep breath because this might just fill my phone with caterpillar pictures but i'm trying real hard to work on my caterpillar phobia @_@)

i forget if i've shared this here, but this is a cute generated social network of small forest entities:


nice productive full day of climbing in the woods with pals, my hands still smell like moss and there are spider bites on my legs, life is good



(photo of a monarch butterfly about to land on a purple flowing bush)

i marked a few places that get some shade, but really, almost everything shaded green here probably gets at least six hours of sun or more during summer days. there's just a few huge trees in neighboring yards that cast big afternoon or morning shadows. the yard faces almost perfectly due east-west.

main thought is to start building out raised beds in the southeast corner of the back yard, maybe adding one or two a year as we get a hold on a growing cycle. there's great pollenator activity in the area already!

the marked downspout is our best candidate for a rain barrel; it's a bit far from where the garden would be, but we gotta work with the existing structure.

when i'm out there tomorrow, i'll take some measurements so i can drop a grid on here!

one of our goals is minimizing grass; i want to rip up the lower right corner and replace it with some good native shrubs, and fill the backyard with as many vegetables and friends as is practical. the northeast border will probably stay grass, since it's a passageway to the back yard and also a shared lawn border with the neighbor (the solid backyard lines are fenced, the yellow blobs are stone walls)

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