hey fediverse, does anyone have ideas for a 10ish day hike somewhere in the western part of north america that's doable in mid-late october without getting into mountaineering gear? (freezing temps and a little bit of snow is okay, but not serious ice/snowpack)

(boosts welcome)

my partner, who is an experienced backpacker, is trying to plan a trip to fit into some time between deadlines and wants to get out west, but we don't know much about the environment/weather out there, so any advice is welcome, even if it's just 'i heard people do this thing near me sometimes'!

@rabbithearth I don't know much, but suspect they'll probably want to be further South than Washington State. Close to sea level it's still mild here at that time of year, and usually the rains don't really start in earnest until November, but any routes that long I can think of are high enough in the mountains for mid-October to have a real risk of being snowed in.

@eldang yeah, that's kind of the conclusion we're getting to; he has friends in the seattle/BC area that he wants to visit but that might not be easy to loop into a hiking trip in the area.

@rabbithearth I'm not sure if this counts as a 10 day hike for you, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

@rabbithearth maybe parts of the PCT, particularly the more sothern bits

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