There needs to be a book on "What's worth making yourself" so the page on paprika can say "no."

But equally, what is worth making from scratch?

I feel like gnocchi is, but pasta isn't. Most ragus are, same for meatballs, pesto is only worth it for the price, white sauces are, but lasagne isn't.

Croissants are so tough to decide because they're so good freshly made but so much effort. It's like the ultimate in effort reward. Pastry fucking isn't, especially for pies.

It turns out I've got a lot of opinions on this but I would also love a book on it

@Eden god i would be the last person to ask about this, i am so into tedious handmade food where it disappears into someone's stomach way faster than it took to make

@rabbithearth go on, what's the worst make time to eating you've done? :)

@Eden making potstickers once when i couldn't get ground pork, so i bought pork chops and minced them with a knife, and also didn't have pre-made wrappers so i threw down some dough and hand-cut/rolled a bunch, and it was hours of grudging hand work (also including mincing all the vegetables that went into them) for like two servings of food

but, i really like making dumplings, i will gleefully bang out like two hundred of them in an afternoon for a party if i can get pre-made wrappers!!!

@rabbithearth so I immediately thought of the British ones, but you must mean the asian type?

I mean I'd also never heard of potstickers, they look absolutely amazing. I don't think I could ever cut a real amount of minced pork, that's a feat..


@Eden haha yeah, potstickers are just dumplings that pan-fried and then steamed in the pan; dumplings can also get just steamed or boiled, but i think the fried version is the tastiest.

i was inspired to hand-mince pork after seeing my father do it once!

i might be getting roped into an acorn flour making process at some point, so i'll see if individually cracking and cleaning a bucket of acorns is worse than turning a pound of pork chops into ground pork by hand @_@

i love....making food....

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@rabbithearth ACORN. Are you just.. a masochist for food?!

I definitely want to make potstickers now though, they look so tasty

@Eden look the acorn thing isn't even my idea, it's my friend's idea, but i have access to some great acorn producers so i'm coming up with the goods, and, will, probably, also, end up, contributing, lots of, labor

yes, i am a masochist for food, the summer i worked in a high velocity hipster takeout kitchen was one of my best summer jobs

@rabbithearth @Eden I've done acorn flour and shelling the acorns is a huge pain in the ass. The result is so tasty though! I don't do it every year, but I've done it more than once & I'll do it again.

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