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What I'm about (reposted from old account, but still relevant!):

I'm an with some spirituality. This dovetails with my life goal of slowing the rate of increase of entropy, living with a mind to .

I live in , just repatriated from leaving a piece of my 💓 there. I just bought a house, and I'm most excited to start a and become part of a community.

I'm not quite a nor but I tend to befriend both.

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I adore my Lola, parlez un peu de , and am looking to have a kid eventually. was my first Pokemon game, and I love it still. I type with and recently overcame chronic pain in my foot with a combination of PT and . I love and sobbed through the whole last episode of because I needed to hear its message that it's okay to like yourself. My favorite music is college radio, or , and I am a AMA.

@nosimpleway cooking gumbo tonight, getting stoked

Just got a haircut, eye contact, selfie

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I'm hiring someone to work with me in the new lab we're creating Plymouth State University (NH) to support engaged pedagogies! Please share this listing with your best instructional designers & pedagogues, esp. those with passion for interdisciplinarity & open education!

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About to get a haircut, selfie, eye contact

Suddenly, I realize why Amazon deprecated their old app to release one identical

Time to disable all those notifications again

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I was yesterday by the eye doctor and they put some drops in my eyes that made me see blurry, and when I could finally see the stuff on my desk I found this note 💚

And I want to share it with all of you because all of you deserve to read that!

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No idea how good/useful it is, but this may be relevant to some people:

"The Reflective Workbook for Partners of Transgender People

D. M. Maynard

Uniquely addressing the needs of partners of transgender people, this self-help workbook supports the journey partners navigate as their partner transitions or questions their gender."

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So if you are really interested in new sustainable ways of structuring whole societies, you need to read Dark Emu.

A chapter in that is about society and governance- there is good evidence that Aboriginal Australia existed for up to 60,000 years as a peaceful agricultural rules based society. Oh, in warm homes btw. Obviously without money, living communally, in careful management of the environment.

The point is, it's not theory. It worked, for millennia.

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I always start radicalizing co-workers by normalizing the word comrade

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Just finished up a collection of small paintings, trying to do something with my feelings about the kind of inherent lack of interface between my painting work and the sociopolitical clusterfuck we're living in while I do said painting work.

Still feeling myself out about these, and whether and how well they get where I was aiming.

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I always wanted to make one of those "paperchild" cutout doll things... so I did.

(except a lot of those are kind of creepy and pervy, so let's have a sci-fi paladin doing something cool instead)

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major haulage from flea markets today!

camera flash (may require an $11 adapter, bringing cost to $12.50)
silkscreen kit (basically the screen)
ankle weights
a framed print (not great quality, but perfect size for another print I have that is)

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have you ever noticed that someone post a screenshot of text without providing an image description, preventing you from being able to read it? or maybe they posted a huge amount of text that just can't possibly be described with the image description feature?

simply tag @OCRbot in a direct reply to the image. it will download the image and scan it using tesseract OCR to output the text contained in the image!

because OCRbot runs on, it has a character limit of 65535, so even the longest images should work OK!

check the reply to this image to see it parsing the attached screenshot!

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I think the thought I'm internalizing today is, "Given the apparently impending nature of the next election cycle, I need to prioritize fleshing out and living up to how I want to communicate online. all evidence I know says that decentralized federated platforms are going to be even more exploitable than legacy social media, by those who will be seeking to exploit online platforms, and no one in those platforms' communities seems to respect that, and most believe the opposite, eesh."