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What I'm about (reposted from old account, but still relevant!):

I'm an with some spirituality. This dovetails with my life goal of slowing the rate of increase of entropy, living with a mind to .

I live in , just repatriated from leaving a piece of my 💓 there. I just bought a house, and I'm most excited to start a and become part of a community.

I'm not quite a nor but I tend to befriend both.

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I adore my Lola, parlez un peu de , and am looking to have a kid eventually. was my first Pokemon game, and I love it still. I type with and recently overcame chronic pain in my foot with a combination of PT and . I love and sobbed through the whole last episode of because I needed to hear its message that it's okay to like yourself. My favorite music is college radio, or , and I am a AMA.

I just took the ! If you're an atheist, agnostic, humanist, or non-religious American, you can tell your story and help our community be heard! Check it out at

(Sry non US ppl, it's hosted by American Atheists)

You know you're in Texas when...

There's a guy astride a horse on the side of the road talking on a cellphone

4/6 s have been deposited on the roadside in various parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma

I did find that I need to start doing some pushups though, lol.

the bike riding felt great, stretching something in my hips that was starting to seize up

We flew to a grass strip (unpaved airplane landing) connected with a river/fishing resort on Saturday, cooked dinner together Saturday night, then went on a walk down one of the trails downtown playing Pokemon Go Sunday afternoon. I also took my bike out after that because I wasn't tired out enough, and did a 3 mile bike ride just glorying in the sunshine and wind

what a great weekend--the weather was beautiful, and I feel like I took full opportunity of it

Growing Saffron (1st flower!) 

Are you interested in supporting actions against fascism, imperialism, and/or capitalism, but live too far from a major population center to easily attend protests?

This means you're far enough away from such places to organize your community without much interference. Building new communities that are anti-fascistic in nature is what those protests support; show your support back by building such communities around you!

"The biggest lie tech people tell themselves — and the rest of us"

"They see facial recognition, smart diapers, and surveillance devices as inevitable evolutions. They’re not."

By Rose Eveleth

The very first corm spike of the 2019 harvest season has poked out of the dirt. I could have my first blossoms anytime in the next handful of days. Hail, #Saffron!

future #florespondence

Made katsudon tonight; it was fantastic! sorry for not having pics, but here is the recipe

Think I made another Baker's dozen Ethernet cables today. All amazing.

So I'm back to using Org-mode for stuff and I'm trying to suss out how to have an "Exchange" page on my website where I just list the various things I have that I'd be willing to exchange for other things, and things that I want to acquire.

And I'm not quite sure how to organize it because there's things like say lettuce that I produce and maintain a stock of (albeit small, I am one humble urban gardener), but so I'll probably not want to accept someone else's lettuce. 1/n

imagine doing retail but it's not retail it's the post-revolution equivalent of retail. it would be fine

@shoeberto wasn't there a comp sci professor at uark working on chicken genetics research? Do you remember his name?

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