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What I'm about (reposted from old account, but still relevant!):

I'm an with some spirituality. This dovetails with my life goal of slowing the rate of increase of entropy, living with a mind to .

I live in , just repatriated from leaving a piece of my 💓 there. I just bought a house, and I'm most excited to start a and become part of a community.

I'm not quite a nor but I tend to befriend both.

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I adore my Lola, parlez un peu de , and am looking to have a kid eventually. was my first Pokemon game, and I love it still. I type with and recently overcame chronic pain in my foot with a combination of PT and . I love and sobbed through the whole last episode of because I needed to hear its message that it's okay to like yourself. My favorite music is college radio, or , and I am a AMA.

all (most) polish has been stripped from my nails

Med, body 

I'm just not the kind of girl that can do fingernail polish.

I got a manicure and French tips a couple days ago, and they're already being destroyed xD

I'm sure digging into a bunch of dirt to repot some basil didn't help!

please buy things from me, you have my promise that the money will go only to wanton debauchery (groceries, friends, and indie art) :pray:

A single garbanzo bean rolls off my leg onto the floor.

The hummus is not bad, but it's too garlicky (? I didn't know such was possible)

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Somebody recommended me this resource on dismantling white supremacy and I was surprised to see just how much of it resonated with me. I knew just how awful perfectionism and defensiveness could be, but wasn't aware of just how interconnected they were with the culture of white supremacy.

This excerpt points out what these characteristics look like and offers antidotes for them. It is a must read for any white person trying to deconstruct the hierarchy that their own whiteness perpetuates.

The only purpose of Birdsite trying to create an "open source" standard is so they can subvert the social model of decentralized open source. They want to Android the Linux, as it were.

Here are some photos from this weekend, taken at the farm from which I get most of my vegetables. It's really impressive how much they're able to bring to the farmer's market every weekend, even though it's now December, and the temperatures have fluctuated a lot these past few months.

The hardest part of growing in winter? Cleaning and washing the vegetables to sell! That's why they're raising money to insulate their barn.

Learn more:

In other first world privilege news, this morning I'm riding along a training flight in a . The backseat is roomier than a 182, but it's surprisingly difficult to get into the cabin one handed.

Will report on the front seat once my bf gets checked out in it and can solo xD

Don't get attached to capitalist products, I guess, is the moral.

At this point, the only real advantage is waterproofing, but taking my Alta off for a shower is when I charge it, and Inspire would need a lot more charging.

Got a Fitbit Inspire HR during their black Friday sale, and I'm was excited for it to be an upgrade to my Alta HR.

Turns out, it's proving to be a poor choice. It has worse battery life than the Alta, can't be synced with a Mac (phones and Windows 10 only), doesn't have support for the fun clocks and apps that their smart watch lines have (although the app makes it appear they do)

The final straw is the low energy Bluetooth, which makes it worthless for Android's smart unlock.

I also picked up a bunch of apples and have them boiling down into cider

Went to the flea market and found an old timey percolating coffee pot for $8. Sipping the results now.

Thanks to @mcmoots being all "woot, you go!" earlier, I can now say that I will be presenting on growing saffron at this event.
Details to follow.

Here's the non-Fb link to the event,

#Seattle #Solarpunk

Bodies and clothes, body image ~ 

Hoping this is the last time I need to mow leaves this autumn

if you're a white person who abstains from voting bc your moral code, consider instead

ask a disenfranchised person of color who they would vote for, and vote for that person

you can stay true to your sensibility and combat white supremacy at the same time

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