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rubah @rubah

Any y'all cuties recognize this? It seems bent on taking over the yard and I just pulled up a million sprouts, mostly smaller than this one.

I believe it is related to a well established shrub in the yard, but the distribution makes me wonder if it also propagates by seed. Closer to the base of what I'm considering the primogenitor, the sprouts are attached to some thicc roots, which I take to be those of the mother base.

@rubah Where do you live? This doesn't look like anything I'm familiar with in NY.

@compostablespork AR, but I suspect it's an ornamental shrub of time kind

Arkansas! No wonder you have green plants already! So jealous!

@kirstyyarr @GwenfarsGarden Not that I recall. We've only been in this house for a year, but it could be one with a two-year reproduction cycle, I guess.

@rubah @GwenfarsGarden I was kind of thinking Pittosporum based on the wavy leaf margins, but I’m really not sure

@rubah v hard to tell. What is the name (or do you have a photo) of the main plant you think it might come from. And as someone else mentioned, any photos of flowers?

@GwenfarsGarden @kirstyyarr
These pics are from what I think is the parent plant. The leaves are last year's growth I think, but only on the south east (sunniest) side. The rest of the plant is bare

@rubah If you want to do a search online, you might want to look for the length of the leaves, and describe the plant as a shrub that has opposite decussate emarginate leaves.