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rubah @rubah

I had such a neat dream this morning. I had accidentally gained knowledge of a govt funded study in the 90s that said some space initiative wouldn't work, and I got swept into a presentation on a new review of the problem that basically said they would be able to do it since the LHC had been built. They just needed a test pilot to stand in certain proximity to an energy field being generated so a high definition scan of their body could be beamed into space.

It was really cool how many mathematical formulas and models I saw on slide shows in the dream. I wish I could remember why beaming an image of a person into space was so important. I think they wanted to be able to rescue some people they'd sent up, but lost track of somehow?? And at one point, there was an implication that the act of beaming the image might create a clone... Or an anti matter clone, they weren't quite sure xD

I also dreamed about playing Pokemon go... Maybe I should cut back a bit xD

@rubah Could be worse, I guess. Lexi once had an anxiety dream where she saw health bars draining in her old World of Warcraft healing interface.

@rubah More funny in retrospect, I think.