trying to finish my application for FoodCorps, an Americorps-related program that teaches kids in food deserts how to make healthy food choices<3 Please send me your encouragement! I've had this app open for weeks, working on the short form questions in fits and bursts according to my emotional health :3

aaaaagh, trying to get the video I recorded to fit in their 25mb upload limit! *re-encodes a million times*

@rubah you can do it! good luck with your application process, and I hope you get in! that sounds really amazing

@rubah That sounds so awesome! You can do it!

Also it reminds me of Flemmie Kittrell, the first African American woman to get her PhD from Cornell (in 1938) who studied nutrition and in particular was instrumental in building our understanding of "the hidden hungry" - that malnourishment can accompany adequate caloric intake. She went to India to set up a nutrition research facility there - she was pretty amazing!

@rubah wow, that sounds excellent!! You can do it!

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